County employees honored

Cavalier County Auditor Dawn Roppel and Treasurer Cindy Stremick were recently honored for achievement at the North Dakota Association of Counties meeting held in Bismarck on Oct. 7.

County Employees

Posted on 11/2/13

By Lee Coleman

Stremick received her diploma for the successful completion of the County Officials Program from the Institute of Local Government.

Over the last two years, Stremick completed 30 hours of training to receive her diploma.

“Some of the classes were time consuming,” she said. “I was very excited I finally finished it. I felt like I had accomplished something I’d been working on for a long time.

“I’m going to continue to add hours to it to build myself up.”

Roppel, elected in 2004, has already completed the Officials of County Government program and was recognized for achieving the Level Four Award for continuing education through the Auditor’s Association when she accumulated 200 hours of continuing education following nearly two years of classes.

“They encourage us to at least go through the county officials program with the opportunity to take more classes if you wish. That’s what I did,” Roppel explained. “I really felt good about the fact I was trying to better myself and better my knowledge in what my position holds.

“I think things are going well in the county and I do appreciate the citizens of Cavalier County.”

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