Flaten resigns as Langdon City Commissioner

There was a bit of a shake up Monday night at the Langdon City Commission meeting when longtime Commissioner Dennis Flaten resigned his post effective immediately.

Dennis Flaten

Posted on 11/2/13

By Lee Coleman

Flaten has served the commission for nearly eight years and currently was serving as the streets commissioner.

“I’m no longer a legal resident of Langdon,” Flaten said about his resignation. “It really wasn’t a decision. It was the legalities of it. If I’m not a resident here, I can’t be on the commission.”

Flaten has built a house on Devil’s Lake and now lives there full time.

During his eight years, Flaten said he has been very pleased with the ongoing development in Langdon.

“Between the new homes and the young kids coming back to farm, we haven’t lost population so that’s a good thing,” he said. “I can’t really think of anything that has been terrible I guess.”

But there have been some thorns, in particularly, the repairs needed on many city streets.

“As far as my department, the repairs needed on city streets has not been resolved,” Flaten explained. “Sooner or later, the city is going to have to have a big plan.

“But we need help. There is no way the citizens and the general fund can pay for all these streets that need to be fixed. I don’t know where that money is going to come from.

“That’s the issue. How do we get the money so we can get them fixed.”

By rule, Flaten’s post will be filled by city commission appointment to fulfill the remainder of his term that expires in June, 2014.

A new commissioner will be elected in the election on June 3.

“I want to say thanks for all the support,” Flaten said. “And thanks for not a lot of phone calls.”

Commission President Chuck Downs, now in his 13 year, has worked along side Flaten during the last eight years.

“He was in on the Fifth Street construction,” Downs recalled. “We’ve had a lot of changes and hopefully, we’ve worked well together all these years.

“I wish him the best and thanks to him for his service to Langdon.”

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