Got a Minute: Tide of change breaks surf

The resignation of city commissioner Dennis Flaten last Monday signaled the beginning of changes that will likely resonate through the commission heading into the next general election in June.

Posted on 11/2/13

By Lee Coleman

The commission is required to appoint someone to fill the vacancy for the remainder of Flaten’s term that expires in June.

But until that happens, we’d better hope no one on the board gets sick and can’t attend a meeting.

If so, a quorum (three commissioners) will not be present, therefore causing the city to cancel the meeting and not conduct any city business.

There is a fourth commissioner, midway through his term, that could make a difference but his perpetual absence from city meetings is now considered serious and not one bit representative of citizens.

But the city must carry on. At least for now. Although there will not be a story written at this time, there will be two other commissioner’s posts vacant for the election.

This I know to be a fact.

With several key issues likely waiting on them. Street repairs, employee health care and the battle over water comes to mind.

There are those that say change can be a good thing and if that is even halfway true, we’ll see in the second half of next year and beyond.

Because those decisions, and others, will have a direct and profound impact on the future of the city and the county.

On the county level, commissioners Elsie Magnus, Rich Flanders and Ole Nowatzki are all up for re-election.

As is Sheriff Dave Zeis. So are the state’s attorney, county auditor, treasurer and recorder.

Only time and eight months from now will tell who wants to step up to the plate and help lead Langdon and Cavalier County into the dark abyss of an unknown future.

But whoever it may be, a tightening of the old belt buckle might be in order.

It is going to be a wild, but completely necessary, ride to get things done and prepare the city and the county for the future.

The time is now. Not four years from now.

Coleman is the editor of the Republican and can be contacted at republicannews@countrymedia.net.

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