The Lee Side: Seen better…got a t-shirt

I am a devout sports fan and a loyal Atlanta sports franchise fan.

Posted on 11/9/13

By Lee Coleman

So forgive me if I burst into flames when congratulating the Boston Red Sox on their World Series title.

No disrespect intended toward the Sox or the St. Louis Cardinals but in game four, I completely lost interest.

Sure, I continued to watch but from the looks of the tiny wounds on my body, I must have stabbed myself several times with a dull pencil.

From high atop my sports fan perch, the Series was awful.

I’ve seen better and have earned a t-shirt or three.

It started in the booth with Joe Buck and the retiring Tim McCarver of Fox Sports.

Buck is one of my favorite announcers but in this Series, he felt the strain of McCarver taking several trips to Never, Neverland.

The camera action wasn’t a lot better but at least they captured the game-ending pick-off of Cardinal David Wang in game six.

Oh, that’s right. They missed it. The camera was fixed on a young lady in the crowd. All viewers heard was Buck screaming about the play.

At least we got to see the replay. Hmm.

Over in the NFL, my thoughts go out to coaches John Fox of Denver and Gary Kubiak of Texas.

Both were stricken with illnesses over the weekend and will miss time from their teams.

At the midway point of the season, who, with the exception of maybe San Francisco, will step up and take command in the second half.

Maybe New Orleans. {I’m flaming again.] Kansas City? They are undefeated but can they hold on?

I am a big fan of Chiefs’ safety Eric Berry. I covered him when he played in high school at Creekside High in south Atlanta,

Truly don’t mean to brag but I am also very proud to have covered Detroit’s ‘Megatron’ Calvin Johnson playing football at Sandy Creek High, Atlanta Braves center fielder Jason Heyward at Henry County High and Philadelphia cornerback Brandon Boykin from Fayette County High.

I thought Johnson played the game lazy when a throw wasn’t coming his way. Heyward was all legs in his early years but was always the first guy out for practice and the last one in.

Boykin and his family became very good friends of mine and I was just thrilled to death for him when he set the all-time SEC record for kickoffs returned for touchdowns while playing at my beloved Georgia.

I am very proud of all my kids I covered that have achieved their dreams.

They have all earned their way. That from a bird’s eye view.

Speaking of the bird’s eye, NASCAR racer Jimmie Johnson won last Sunday at Texas Motor Speedway, to take a seven-point lead in the Chase for the NASCAR championship as the men of Thunder head to Phoenix this week with only two races to go.

Funny thing about Johnson. He left Texas last year with the same seven point lead but didn’t find the championship.

As they say, anything can happen.

Me, I think I’ll just climb aboard my perch and get a bird’s eye view.

T-shirts seem to fit better at that altitude.

Coleman is the editor of the Republican and can be contacted at

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