Got a Minute: Broohaha and the vast unknown

Dennis Flaten’s resignation for the Langdon City Commission is still fresh and I suspect his chair at the table may even still be warm.

Posted on 11/16/13

By Lee Coleman

But alas, three possible candidates have emerged and although the discussion and possible appointment was on the city agenda on Tuesday, nothing took place because of concern over the proper amount of time between the resignation and the forthcoming broohaha to replace the eight-year veteran commissioner.

The candidates, Lindsey Gellner, Abby Borchardt and James Rademacher will all have to wait until Nov. 25.

The new commissioner will have to fill the unexpired term until June when she or he, will have to seek the post for four new years in the June general election.

If any of the three already know they won’t run in June, it makes me curious to know what their agenda(s) may be until then if they are appointed.

The obvious answer would be a personal agenda.

I am hopeful the newly appointed commissioner will seek re-election and have to beat a host of characters to stay in office.

Along with two other brand new commissioners.

The very essence of the city commission will change in June and if the new board is to be successful, it will take experience and a bevy of leadership abilities.

The next four years could be a volatile time for the city and as we all head into the vast unknown together, we must all stick together and elect the best people possible to guide the USS Langdon.

Because when all the broohaha starts, each other is all we’re going to have.

Personal, hidden agendas are not the way of the successful future.

Coleman is the editor of the Republican and can be contacted at republicannews@countrymedia.net.

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