Got a Minute: Beware honey bee haters

I arrived in Langdon to start my journey on August 5.

Posted on 12/14/13

By Lee Coleman

The very first thing brought to my attention was the problem with omnipresent honey bees swarming cars, stinging folks and creating general havoc not for the faint of heart.

Fast forward four months plus a dash of humility.

The complaints have calmed while the honey bees are on winter vacation. But they will be back and I expect much the same. If not more.

The difference this time around will be a state hotline where citizens can call and complain about bee farmers not being properly registered as well as other complaints as long as they have someone from the state on the other end of the line that will listen.

Listening and taking action are two different things as folks are sure to find out when the new honey bee season buzzes into town.

Why? Pure, unadulterated money. And lots of it.

After attending the Canola Expo this week, the numbers tossed around were staggering.

And honey bees and leaf cutting bees were the center of attention.

We all have to be aware of this. As much as it may sting.

The state will likely patronize citizens through another year because Cavalier County has essentially washed their hands of any enforcement exercises.

Money is king and he who has the money makes the rules today and tomorrow.

A lot of good people took the time Wednesday to talk with me and share their insight on the plight facing citizens as they fight the bee war.

And they were all sympathetic and understanding.

But when it comes down to a farmer increasing his yield from five to 40 percent because of the pollination from honey bees, well, you can do the math.

And we should all beware.

There will be more bees this year because the powers to be now have the hard numbers they need to substantiate and quantify the survival of canola farmers.

Coleman is the editor of the Republican and can be contacted at leecoleman88@yahoo.com.

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