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Cavalier County and the Two Bears


Posted on 5/30/15

By Jake Kulland

As we race into the month of June we start and finish this weeks column with a couple of crazy stories… The first is sightings of black bears in Cavalier County.  The first was in the Mount Carmel area, the second around Wales.  Seeing bears in these areas or our county is as rare seeing an elephant or giraffe… Not unprecedented mind you, but very rare.  There are a couple of theories on the matter, one being apparently there is a bear hunting season in Canada that may have pushed them south, or just coming out of hibernation they in search of a lot of food.  While the people that ran into these bears were certainly alarmed by the site of them, it is sort of a neat story.  Maybe we can now call ourselves “Bear County USA”, or “Salvaggio National Park” (That last one is a big time inside joke).  But just know if you happen to sight a bear, please use extreme caution.

Spring sports wrap up

This past week and weekend saw spring sports come to an end for 2015.  A fine finish it was as a number of athletes on the Langdon-Munich girls track team placed in the State Meet in Bismarck, and the Langdon girls golf team tied for eighth place at the State Golf Meet in Jamestown.  Congratulations to the Cardinals Jayden Romfo and Krystal Ratzlaff for finishing in the top 20, thus getting All-State honors.  We tip our cap to all of our area spring sports athletes.  You can find complete Cardinals track and golf results in this weeks paper.  And congratulations to senior Dalton Girodat for being named boys most valuable trackster.

Here comes summer baseball and softball

Right on the heels of the spring sports come a number of activities for the summer.  The Langdon Swimming Pool hopes to be running this coming week.  And Langdon Area summer baseball and softball gets underway June 1.  T-Ball will start that day at 12 Noon, with Pee Wee at 5:30 p.m.  Kids can still sign up for either of those leagues on June 1.  14U girls softball, 12U and 10U Little League baseball, and Babe Ruth baseball also all start this week. We know that the 10U little league squad was still looking for a head coach at press time, if anyone has interest in that contact Marty Tetrault.  The Langdon Red Sox American Legion baseball team will have its first practice June 1 at 6 p.m. under the direction of Jay Adam and Cole Solseng, with their first game coming June 8 at home versus Midway-Minto.  It should be another very fun summer on the diamond for all Langdon Area teams.

Big turnover coming to the Langdon schools

Earlier this week we the final Langdon school report on KNDK 1080 with school superindentent Rich Rogers.  For Mr. Rogers it was also his last time on the air as he is retiring on June 30.  His wife Paula will also be leaving the Langdon Area School District.  Mitch Jorgenson is leaving his Langdon Elementary Principal post to become superintendent at Valley-Edinburg, and longtime Langdon elementary teachers Michelle Olson and Nancy Power are retiring.  There are also more teachers possibly leaving, which should make for a lot of more faces in all Langdon schools, and lots of people moving to town.  We wish nothing but the best for everyone that is moving on, and we also welcome everyone who it coming in.  The times are a-changining, but also the show must go on.

Abandoned camper wars all the rage in Williston

We are heading out to Williston this weekend, and it reminded of a great story to end this weeks column that I have been meaning to tell all of you for a while.  Since the beginning of the Bakken oil boom in 2008, many people have come and gone out there.  And many of them literally just up and leave everything behind.  Included in that are many campers that become the property of the Williams County Sheriff’s impound lot.  Every so often they have an auction where, just like the TV show “Storage Wars”, people can walk in for five minutes or so and look around inside the camper to see if they want to make a bid.  Now, for the chosen few of you that have met my Dad, you know that this is right up his alley, to say the least. The last time I was out west, he had just purchased a camper for of stuff for 175 dollars.  I helped dig stuff out, and the next thing you know, I came home with a brand square point shovel, three extension cords, a radio and an outdoor thermometer.  Crazy, as I can’t stop laughing to myself.  Now the problem with all this is that he also had to take the beat up camper, but it is what it is. Just another wild story of life in the wild west of North Dakota.

“See ya!”  next week!

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