“Row by Row”at Sew On & Sew North

For quilting aficionados and those just interested in trying something new, Sew On & Sew North is participating in a nationwide “shop hop”.

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Posted on 6/13/15

By Melissa Anderson

The Row by Row Experience began in 2011 when a New York quilt shop owner was frustrated with the online shopping movement. The owner started a “shop hop” with other fabric and quilt shops to encourage sewers and quilters alike to shop at physical locations.

“She started with 18 shops in New York, then it jumped to the midwest and then the west coast,” Peggy Davis, the owner of Sew On & Sew North, said.

The Row by Row Experience has now grown to include more than 2,700 shops across all 50 states and parts of Canada.

Davis explained that she decided to participate in the Row by Row experience when customers came in last year asking for her store’s “license plate”.

“One of the companies affiliated with the Row by Row makes fabric license plates for each shop if the shop wants them. Each store has their own unique “vanity phrase” with a state license plate,” Davis explained.

The premise of the Row by Row experience is that quilters must visit eight participating shops between June 21 and Sept. 8 to collect the free pattern that was created by that shop. Once the quilter has the eight patterns and necessary fabric, the quilter puts together the eight sections.

“The quilter can arrange the rows anyway they want to, but the rows have to remain intact,” Davis stated.

Each shop that participates in the Row by Row Experience must create their own row design that correlates to a theme chosen. This year the theme is “Row by Row H2O”, so many of the patterns will be incorporating water themes and scenes in their row designs.

The design created by Davis for the Sew On & Sew North row is a saw tooth star block with blues to represent the water.

“The yellow is sunshine or canola, depending on how you look at it,” Davis said.

There are 13 participating shops located in North Dakota. From Fargo to Beach and Langdon to Wishek, the patterns that each shop has created is a reflection of creativity and the area where the shop is located.

Once a quilter has collected eight rows and made their quilt, if that quilter is the first to return the completed quilt to a participating shop, the quilter will win a bundle of 25 fat quarters. Participants have until October 31 to bring in the completed quilt.

Sew On & Sew North is also hosting quilting classes this summer. The classes range from beginner to advanced depending on the project. Davis, along with fellow quilters Jackie Thom and Brenda Rowe, teach the classes.

Sew On & Sew North is the Langdon area’s most varied supplier of quilting and sewing supplies along with a wide assortment of project ideas and kits. The fabric selection alone is comparable to any large fabric store.

“There are probably over 2,000 bolts of fabric in here. I haven’t counted lately,” Davis said.

For more information on the classes or the Row by Row Experience contact Peggy Davis of Sew On & Sew North at 701-256-2526.

To check out the other North Dakota shops participating, find them on Facebook under “North Dakota Row by Row Experience”.

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