Sew On & Sew North receives sewing machine training

Buying a sewing machine can be daunting.

Sew On Sew north

Posted on 12/19/15

By Melissa Anderson

Add to that the concern of what you will do should it malfunction and it’s that worry of where to buy a sewing machine and get it serviced should the need arise has been solved at Sew on & Sew North of Langdon as owner Peggy Davis recently underwent a training course to allow her to service the machines she sells.

“We were trained because it’s required to offer service on the Elna sewing machines we carry,” Davis said, “We also felt this offered a better service to the customers in that they can buy here and get service here on what they have purchased from us.”

Elna has been part of Janome America several years now. The Elna brand itself has been around for 75 years. Davis traveled to the headquarters for all three brands that Janome owns: Janome, Elna and Necchi.

“They only employ three servicemen to cover the entire country which says it’s a good brand, and they don’t get many machines back to them to fix there,” Davis stated.

Davis, along with her husband Bill, travelled to Janome America’s headquarters in Mahwah, New Jersey. Davis was trained on several sewing machines and a serger that are all part of the Elna line.

Davis explained that she and others were taught how to disassemble the machines, replace various parts if needed, and how to calibrate mechanics of the machines for optimum performance.

“It isn’t every machine they have, but the information can be carried over to other machines in that same style,” Davis explained.

The training, which lasted for five days went from 9-5 every day. The sessions length made the prospect of learning how to service the sewing machines a little intimidating, but Davis and her husband soon found that they were not out of their element.

“Bill nor I has ever worked on a sewing machine but they made sure everyone in the class was following along and understood what they taught,” Davis stated.

The Elna company provided Davis with manuals with everything that was covered over the course of the training session and more. They even sent the manuals on USBs so Davis would be able to view them on a computer.

“It was fairly intense, but the instructor was amazing at his job,” Davis said.

Sew On & Sew North will offer one free service for a customer during the first year of ownership. This is a more intense cleaning and checking all the settings, timings, etc.

“We will also repair machines they buy from us, if needed. We can also ship machines to the company if we cannot repair them,” Davis said.

The Elna company offers a one year labor warranty which Sew on & Sew North will extend to two years. At this time, Davis does not think Sew On & Sew North will be servicing other brands since Davis cannot get parts for them, but that may happen in the future.

“People want to know that they can buy a sewing machine and have a place close to home where they can get it worked on,” Davis said.

Davis is very pleased with the Elna brand that she offers in her store and the training session to learn to service the machines only further confirmed what she already knew.

“These are quality, Swiss designed machines. They are solid and sturdy. I have been using them, and I am enjoying how they sew. We have many styles at many price points so there is something for everyone,” Davis said.

To view the Elna sewing machines offered by Davis at her store, Sew On & Sew North, stop during regular business hours Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. or call 701-256-2526.

Davis notes that those interested in the machines or any other services offered by Sew On & Sew North can check out the stores facebook page as well. Also, there may be some hour changes due to holidays.

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