Cavalier County Commissioners hold meeting

The Cavalier County Commission held their first meeting for the month of February and conducted business.


Posted on 2/6/16

By Melissa Anderson

The commission met with Road Supervisor Terry Johnston and KLJ Representative Jon Markusen to discuss what projects would be slated for the renewed R&B Excess Levy that will be placed on the upcoming ballot. The commission worked on the project map. The map is not finalized as additional projects  will be added. Terry Johnston and KLJ are working on that as well.

Department reports were given for Public Health, Recorder, Social Services, Clerk of Court, State’s Attorney, Tax Director and the Sheriff’s offices. All departments were doing fine.

The Cavalier County Sheriff’s Department now has scales for the weighing of semis traveling on county roads and will begin training with the North Dakota Highway Patrol. The county will begin weighing trucks within the next few weeks.

The Langdon City Commission came to discuss the Vanguard contract. The city brought forward the estimate that they had received from Vanguard for the modules that Langdon City Assessor Jerry Ratzlaff wants to use for his work. The Langdon City Attorney Quentin Wenzel and Langdon City Commissioner Cody Schlittenhard were also present for the discussion.

The county commission and the City of Langdon representatives discussed at length what would be the best option and beneficial to both entities.

The county will install the software at the courthouse and on the laptop that will be used for the city assessment. The program will be installed as a blank  with the parcel create occurring later. The county will work with Ratzlaff to address any errors that are on assessments in the city prior to the 2016 assessments.

In Other Business
• Andy Adamson of Drayton introduced himself to the commission. Adamson is seeking the Republican endorsement for the District 10 senate seat for the 2016 State Legislature.

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