Candidate for Governor, Doug Burgum, holds meeting in Langdon

Doug Burgum, who is actively campaigning for Governor of North Dakota, has added a lot more miles to his campaign trail as he made a stop in Langdon to meet with leaders of the community on May 19.

Doug Burgum visit

Posted on 5/28/16

By Melissa Anderson

Burgum, along with members of the Cavalier County Commission, Langdon City Commission, Cavalier County Job Development Authority, Cavalier County Sheriff’s Department, Langdon Area Chamber of Commerce, Langdon Daycare Board, and private citizens gathered over lunch at Quality Specialty Products & Printing and Brewed Creations Coffeehouse to discuss what residents of the city and county need.

Burgum discussed issues facing the county and it’s residents for over an hour and covered topics like the state budget cuts and how that is impacting just about every sector  of the county including health care, infrastructure, and the inability of communities like Langdon to access funding.

At the gathering, discussion focused on what Burgum would change in order to make North Dakota government work better. Burgum stated that the deficit spending would stop and that he would work with the state legislature to spend revenue more wisely in order to build the state and maintain what has already been accomplished in regards to infrastructure and developments.

Burgum also addressed one of the biggest questions of his campaign which is how he, as someone with zero political experience, can work with the career politicians who are entrenched in the state legislature and government.

Burgum stated that as a CEO and chairperson he has always had to work with people in order to be successful and achieve what he has been able to achieve in the private sector. His success in private industry is a testament to that.

“My job was working with people and making sure they had what needed to be successful,” Burgum said,” A governor has all kinds of people they have to work with.”

Burgum’s campaign is based on looking towards the future to solve problems using the most accurate, useful, and up-to-date data available.

“I want to build efficient government. I want to talk about data and solve the problems the state faces,” Burgum said.

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