NLAC and LACC invite you to 2016 Christmas Tour of Homes

The Northern Lights Arts Council and the Langdon Area Chamber of Commerce cordially invite you to attend the 2016 Langdon Area Christmas Tour of Homes.


Posted 11/19/2016

By Melissa Anderson


This year’s homes include Emily and Jordan Braunberger, Maria and Ryan Eisenzimmer, Diane and Bryan Hanson, Julie and Jeff Howatt, and finally Lori and Tim Kreklau.
The tour takes place starting at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, December 3, with the meeting time prior to the event starting at 12:15 p.m. Participants of the tour are to meet at Choice Financial Group.
Advanced tickets are  available at Farmers and Merchants State Bank as well Choice Financial. Advance tickets are $10 and also enter the holder into a door prize drawing. Day of tickets will be available to purchase at the starting point for $15 but do not enter the holder into the drawing.
The sponsoring organizations would like to remind those who intend to go on the tour of homes to be respectful of the homeowners and their homes. They ask that participants follow these guidelines: no smoking, no photos, no backpacks, and no children under 10.
The homeowners for this year’s tour responded to the following questions regarding the tour.
Why did you want/decide to be on the Christmas Tour of Homes?
Emily Braunberger– “I really love to decorate my home, and I have loved to develop my personal design style over the last couple of years, so I thought it would be a fun way to show off my house. My mom, Diane Hanson, and I decided to be on the tour together so it’s also kind of a fun mother-daughter thing!”
Maria Eisenzimmer – “I decided to put our home on the tour as a way to give back to the community. We are lucky to live in such a vibrant small town that offers many different events year around. This is just one way to help spread Christmas cheer to the community!”
Diane Hanson- “I decided to put our home on the Tour of Homes because I enjoy looking at other people’s home and thought it was time for us to show our home.”
Julie Howatt- “We have been asked a few times to be on the Christmas Home Tour and always decided not to. This year we decided to show our house because we actually have made the decision to sell our home. After many years of talking about it, we decided it is time to downsize. We felt this was a good opportunity to show off this great family home and the perfect location it has to the schools, parks and swimming pool.”
Lori Kreklau- “I have been asked to be on the tour before but always had some projects that still needed to be done. I finished up those projects and now can do it. Both my sisters and my mom have been on the tour, and I helped. I felt they were fun days. When I was asked again to be on the tour, I decided to do it to help those ladies keep it going because if you don’t participate – it won’t continue.”
Will your home have a theme?
Braunberger – “My design style is very bright, cheerful, and colorful. Every time I walk into my house I can’t help but smile at the bright, fun decor. I would say it’s kind of got a modern flea-market vibe with a little quirky touch. I like to mix old with new. My Christmas decor is a reflection of that.”
Eisenzimmer- “Our home does not have just one particular theme throughout. The main floor has more of a contemporary feel while the downstairs will appear more rustic/country.”
Hanson – “Our home will not have a theme.”
Howatt- “We really don’t have a theme, maybe a little country, some eclectic pieces. I like color, and I love to decorate. We think it is a very inviting and comfortable home. The home has a lot of character with a ton of built-in storage. There is more storage in this home that we can even fill. I’d like to think a theme maybe could be the importance of “family”, and for Christmas I guess it would be my love for Santas,  which I like to display during the holidays.”
Kreklau- “I have different colors in my house so I went with a theme for each room or area. Certain areas will have a color theme and then other areas will be more rustic with trees.”
What can participants on the tour expect to see at your home?
Braunberger – “Lots of bright colors and all-out Christmas. It’s my most favorite time of year!”
Eisenzimmer- “Participants can expect to see a few different “Christmas Themes”. The downstairs will have a country Christmas theme while the upstairs will have a couple of different looks as well.”
Hanson – “People that tour our home will see some family heirlooms. I have collected cookie jars over the years and started because of a cookie jar that belonged to my grandmother. My husband, Bryan, also has some family heirlooms from his parents. He has such things as his father’s snow skis that he made, his father’s trunk and an old rocking chair.”
Howatt- “I think people will think it is a much larger home than it looks on the outside. I do a lot of craft work so I have a lot of homemade decorating items. I love to work with wood pallets, so I make many signs and things like that along with some great quilt items made by my mom. I have some antique pieces as well as a few interesting furniture pieces from the old Maida Church, the UCT Hotel, as well as a dresser that was my greatgrandmothers. The kitchen is large and very workable and a private patio area that will probably be full on snow by then, but I guess my favorite room in the house is the sunroom. I look forward to seeing what people think. I hope they feel welcomed and enjoy the tour.”
Kreklau-”My home is a farm house so it’s not a fancy house. I have some of the open floor plan, and one of the things that people will notice is the furniture that has been passed down from my mother and mother-in-law that have been re-finished  or refurbished, and I have those pieces spread throughout my home.”
Is there anything else you would like to add that hasn’t been asked?
Braunberger – “I think something that is unique about our home is that we don’t own it. Jordan and I rent from Chuck and Kathy Downs, and most people might remember our house as the Inn on 6th. It’s unique in the sense that because we are renters, a lot of the paint colors and other design features aren’t necessarily my style. So I have had the opportunity to take what I’ve been given and to make it my own adding my own personal touch to our house and working with what I’ve got. It’s been fun finding that balance over the last year. I hope our home can inspire other home renters, or even homeowners, to make the most of what you have, even if certain features in your house aren’t your style or preference. Any house can be made into a home if you just put in some effort!”
Eisenzimmer – ” I, along with my hostesses, look forward to seeing everyone on the Tour!”
Hanson – “Our home was a model home that was built at Langdon Building Center in 1988. We moved our house to the present location in 1989 about a month before our daughter, Emily, was born.”
Howatt- “Our home has some family roots. The home was built by my great aunt and uncle, Eddie and Mary Evans, then purchased by my parents Wayne and Bev Robillard. Jeff and I purchased the home and have been living here almost 25 years. So you could say this home has always been in our family. My parents added the 4-car garage, and we updated the entire exterior, but other than that there hasn’t been a lot of structural changes to the house since it was built but has had many updates over the years.”
Kreklau-”I have a few pieces that I will be showcasing such as a buffet, bedroom dressers that are over a 100 years old, and a china hutch that has special family history.”

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