Dr. Charles Emerson joins CCMH

Cavalier County Memorial Hospital (CCMH) has another new face joining their staff of providers as Dr. Charles “Trey” Emerson begins seeing patients at both the Langdon and Walhalla clinics.

Posted 06/02/2017

By Melissa Anderson


Dr. Emerson’s family roots are in north Mississippi, but he has spent most of his adult life in Nashville, Tenn.

“My college and medical training were completed at Vanderbilt University, the University of Mississippi, and the University of Kentucky,” Dr. Emerson said.

Dr. Emerson explained that he and his family were “looking for a new challenge and adventure in our lives”.

“We prayed that God would open doors to where He would have us serve for the next chapter of our lives and lead us to a community that had a need that we could help meet,” Dr. Emerson said. “Be careful what you ask for! Little did we know He would call us to Langdon, North Dakota.”

Dr. Emerson has practiced in many different areas of medicine but never really had the opportunity to do primary health where just about everything is covered. Dr. Emerson is looking forward to the opportunity and challenge of taking care of his new friends and neighbors.

“I’m interested in all areas of primary care but have specialty training and experience in women’s health issues and minor surgery,” Dr. Emerson stated.

Dr. Emerson comes from a long line of physicians as he notes that there have been physicians in his family since the 1880s.

“I have learned a lot about how to provide competent and compassionate care from my dad. He’s 81 and still sees patients four days a week,” Dr. Emerson shared.

When not practicing medicine, Dr. Emerson enjoys fishing, sports and spending time with his family and wife, Cindy.

“We are very excited to be in Langdon and look forward to years of friendship and adventure in the ‘great white North!’,” Dr. Emerson stated.

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