LASD absentee ballots invalid- business manager to try again

Have you received an absentee ballot for the upcoming Langdon Area School District(LASD) board election? If so, you may want to check and make sure that the ballot is correct as many in the area have received invalid ballots.

Posted 06/02/2017

BY Melissa Anderson


LASD Business Manager Kensi Eisenzimmer, handling her first school board election, has had to re-do the ballots twice now due to errors on them. The first ballots were printed and made available May 4 by application.

The first round of ballots directed voters to vote for two names for the rural at large position. There is only one rural at large position up for election this year. The second set of ballots that were recently received by voters included ballots that had the same error despite being reprinted.

“The ballots that were sent out and were invalid or illegal, the ones that were issued those ballots were called to return them and once returned, they will be given new ballots,” Eisenzimmer stated.

Eisenzimmer was notified about the invalid ballots shortly after they were sent out, and any ballots that had been sent in were removed from the election and the voter notified.

“I’m new to the election process with the school and was not informed that we had to print anywhere specifically and so printed them ourselves,” Eisenzimmer explained. “I reviewed them as well as school board members and Dawn Roppel, who is helping me with the election.”

The ballots were printed by Eisenzimmer at the Langdon Area High School, and Eisenzimmer does not have an explanation on how the errors on the two separate attempts occurred. So far, the expense for the election ballot re-dos has been in the paper and ink used for the ballots and the cost of mailing.

“I printed them and had them reviewed before they were sent out, and everyone makes an error sometimes. It’s an error on my part and anyone who reviewed them,” Eisenzimmer stated.

Eisenzimmer, having acknowledged the errors with the ballots, is currently working on correcting the issue.

“If there are issues, I can only ask that people come to me.” Eisenzimmer said.

The school board election takes place on Tuesday, June 13 at LAHS from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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