Vanguard Assessment: answers to common questions

As the Vanguard residential assessment looms, many in the county still have questions about the process and why it’s even happening. Cavalier County Tax Director Pam Lafrenz has compiled a list of the most common questions she or her staff at the courthouse have received as well as supplying the answers.

Posted 06/16/2017


Why is this assessment happening?

It has been many years since Cavalier County has been re-assessed. We realize that it is an expense, but It should be done from time  to time in order to get all the values where they should be and also ensure that everything is equalized. Several other counties in North Dakota have been reassessed in the past couple of years and some are scheduled to be reassessed in the next couples of years.

What are they assessing?

Vanguard is assessing only residential and commercial properties. This includes any homes or commercial properties that are located in the rural areas of Cavalier County.

The commercial property assessment has already begun with two commercial property assessors from Vanguard, who started on June 5, reviewing elevators in the county.

Vanguard will have four more assessors  beginning their work  in Cavalier County on Monday June 19. Two of the four assessors will finish assessing the commercial property  in Cavalier County. Their names, driver’s license and license plate information will be listed at the Cavalier County Sheriff’s office.

The other two assessors are residential assessors and will start assessing the residential properties on June 19 as well. These assessors will start the residential assessment in the City of Langdon. Their information will  also be on file at the Cavalier County Sheriff’s office.

At the time of print we do not know which area of the county they will go to next after the initial starting point of Langdon. They are scheduled to give the county commissioners an update of their schedules at the commission meeting on Tuesday, June 20.

We will do our best to inform the property owners of Vanguards schedule as we get the updates.

When they enter a property, what are they looking at that determines value?

Vanguard will take into consideration the age and location of the home.

They will also be graded on the cabinets, counter tops, and flooring. They will not assess any personal property, so in other words anything that is not attached to the home.

Can they (Vanguard Assessors) force entry?

No, they cannot force entry. If they are told “No” ,they will simply not enter.

If I do not let them in or even on my property, how will that affect my assessment?

If Vanguard is not allowed on your property or inside of the residence or commercial business, the assessors will put a value on which they feel is fair. The property owner will not have the opportunity to question Vanguard’s value if the assessor is not allowed inside at the time of the assessment.

How will I know the people at my door are Vanguard assessors?

All of the Vanguard assessors will be wearing name badges.

When will I know what my new assessed value is?

The Vanguard assessors are basically getting all of the information on the properties when they are here. They will go back to their offices in Iowa and work on the numbers.

If I don’t agree with it, what can I do to contest it?

You can notify the Tax Director’s office or the City of Langdon. We will put your name on a list, and you will have your time to speak with Vanguard when they are here in the spring of 2018.

Who do residents contact if they have questions or concerns about the assessment?

If the property owners have any questions they can call the Cavalier County Tax Director’s office at (701) 256-2289 and or the City of Langdon at (701) 256-2155.

Most of the questions will be answered in the spring of 2018 by Vanguard, once again, providing that the property owner has allowed Vanguard into their residence or commercial business.

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