New IT contract for Cavalier County Courthouse

In the last few months, Cavalier County has been on the search for a new IT company to service the computer workstations at the courthouse.

Posted on 9/14/17

By Lisa Nowatzki

After reviewing five proposals, Jamie Nelson and his business, Computer Express, were given the contract.

Nelson and his Oakes based company were given the formal nod of approval by the county based on several factors. Nelson is familiar with all the different programs and workstations used in the courthouse. According to Nelson, “My company provides networking services to 51 out of 53 counties in North Dakota.”

Familiarity with the in-place infrastructure is essential when considering each department uses different software designed to meet the unique functions each county office needs. The treasurer’s office, county auditor and county clerk need different programs to perform the unique tasks involved with the day-to-day county business. Nelson’s company is familiar with each program and knows how to troubleshoot, maintain, and repair the different problems that arise in each area.

The county also took into consideration the fact that Nelson has used and installed some of the servers, and he is familiar with them. Though most of the servers and hardware are provided by the state, Computer Express knows how to service them. Nelson and his company also offer a touch of personal service to Cavalier County. He comes to Langdon on the second Tuesday of every month.

During these visits, Nelson said his company provides service to any workstations that are down. He also makes sure that all the servers are backed-up on a regular basis so no vital information is lost. He ensures that the other associated electronics such as printers, monitors, and keyboards are in good working order, also and when available, he makes sure critical software updates are installed in a timely manner.

Besides the monthly visit, Computer Express offers the county unlimited remote support and service. According to Nelson and his company website, “We can access almost any type of computer through our remote viewing software.” Remote service works well with the software the county has installed. Nelson said the need for an in-person visit is rare, but if he is required for a repair or support, he has no problem coming on-site for service.

According to Nelson, IT support works in two diverse ways. First, problems that need immediate attention are fixed, such as workstations that are down and won’t start or when time-sensitive software does not work. The second function Nelson’s company provides is identifying and implementing preventative maintenance and preventative measures that can prevent future problems.

Many common IT problems can be solved by Computer Express, either remotely or on-site. Nelson can troubleshoot slow software or application problems. He can troubleshoot bandwidth problems that can bog a terminal down. Problems such as IP conflicts or addressing conflicts encountered with multiple workstations and terminals can also be addressed. More serious problems like network outages and lost files can also be fixed by Nelson’s company. In short, any IT problem question the courthouse has, Nelson has an answer.

Other considerations in contracting with Computer Express were the cost of the services provided. With all factors considered, Nelson’s proposal was the most cost effective. When the services, support, and experience were measured, Computer Express was the best company to contract with.

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