Langdon City Commissioners holds short meeting on October 23

The Langdon City Council held a short meeting on Monday, October 23.

Posted 10/26/17

By Lisa Nowatzki

After the Pledge of Allegiance, the minutes from last week were approved. With no new additions to the agenda and no new correspondence, the board heard the department reports.

The street department reported that the tar machine has been put away until Spring. All the snow equipment is ready for the coming winter season. Overgrown trees on the corner of 7th and 9th avenue block the view. Someone from the street department will look into the matter and trim the trees blocking the view.

The water and sewer department reported all is well. The lagoon will be shut off soon, and the booster station will be shut off in the next couple of weeks.

The sanitation and police departments reported everything is going great with no problems.

The Activity Center department reported that this is the last week of girl’s volleyball at the center and the start of 5th and 6th grade basketball. The reception that was held at the Activity Center went very well.

For the Auditor’s report, RoxAnne Hoffarth asked the council for approval to pay the balance of a $350,000 bond. She also asked for their approval to pay $160,000 of the $184,405 initial bill sent to the city by Vanguard for the property assessments with the remainder of the loan to be repaid over four years. The council approved payment for both items.

Hoffarth also asked the board to vote on accepting the loan for the street and water project. The bank was able to offer a 1.5% interest rate on the loan. Another issue raised about accepting the loan at this time-will the city pay interest if the money is not used until May or June of 2018?

The board decided to table accepting the loan until the bond company looks over the agreement and until the issue of when payments begin can be settled.

For unfinished business, City Attorney Quentin Wenzel did not have any answers on the issues regarding Larry Gellner’s alley.

Building permits #4793 Mark Fisk, #4794 Dave Roy/Gutters, #4795 Jeff Gustafson, #4796 Anna Olson, #4798 Jayla Christie, #4799 Sean Feil, #4800 Brandon Smith were approved by the council.

After no more bills to review and approve and no more business to discuss, the board adjourned.

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