Langdon’s General Store hosts annual Giving Tree

Thanksgiving and Christmas are quickly approaching. During this time the residents of Cavalier County and Langdon have always been generous and giving to ensure that no one goes without.Posted 11/9/17

by Lisa Nowatzki

In the spirit of the holiday season, Langdon’s General Store will host this year’s “Giving Tree.” According to Marie Mack, part-owner of the General Store, “The goal of this community project is to bring Christmas cheer to those who might not otherwise receive a gift this year. No one should be left out and go without during this time.”

Mack goes on to reiterate, that no matter what the circumstance, her family and her have vowed that everyone who asks will be helped. No one in need will go without a gift this Christmas.

Last year, the community donated over 250 gifts to the program that were delivered to various outreach organizations throughout the county. Our local 4-H group volunteered to help wrap the gifts as a part of their community service hours. Presents were given to families from the Langdon Area Schools, Cavalier County Social Services, local families, the Senior Center, and Maple Manor.

The “Giving Tree” went up in the General Store on November first. The store has sent out letters to all the local agencies and schools requesting names of families and individuals in need. The process is simple; Mack and her family keep all information private and confidential. Potential recipients can come by the General Store and fill out a form with some personal information like names, ages, Christmas wishes and a Christmas need.

For more privacy, Mack, her husband Billy and her brother and sister-in-law, Alex and Vanessa Chaput, want interested families to know there are several ways to get on the list. They can call the General Store, come by and fill out a simple form, contact a school counselor, or have someone else fill out the form.

There are several ways to donate or to help a needy family, too. Come by the General Store and get a tag from the tree. The tags contain the age range, gender, and want or need of someone in need in the community. For example, a tag may be for a 4 to 6-year-old boy who wants to have a story book.

Gift tags are not limited to just children. A tag may be for an elderly person or an entire family who can’t afford to spend money on presents. The gift can be wrapped or unwrapped. If someone doesn’t want to buy a gift, then Mack said they gladly accept cash donations. All proceeds will go toward buying gifts.

Mack also wants to stress that the “Giving Tree” is not just for families in or near Langdon. Anyone in the county or surrounding areas that are in need are welcome to fill out a tag. According to Mack, “We delivered gifts to many in need outside of Langdon.”

The “Giving Tree” started four years ago with Alex and Vanessa Chaput, who wanted to find a way to give back to their community. “Our daughter, Claire, has a birthday close to Christmas so every year she picks out a present for something or someone in need. We wanted to expand on that,” V. Chaput shared.

The family gives out their contact numbers below:

• Vanessa Chaput 701-306-9334

• Alex Chaput 701-370-9849

• Marie Mack 701-370-6847

• Langdon’s General Store 701-256-3868

• Billy Mack 701-370-6848

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