Christmas Time Cheer

During the holiday and Christmas seasons, many children and adults go without.

Posted 11/16/17

by Lisa Nowatzki

Some communities overlook these families by just ignoring the problem, but not in Cavalier County. Each year since 2004, the Cavalier County  Social Services has step up and helped local families in need.

Cavalier County Social Services sponsors the Christmas Cheer program to help out needy families who may not have the resources to spend on Christmas for their children. They help by providing parents funds to buy gifts for their children based upon the need and want of the child.

This year social services has had to make some changes to the program. In the past, anyone 18 and younger could apply for funds. Because donations are not as plentiful as last year, social services will only be able to provide Christmas Cheer funds to those families who qualify for the North Dakota Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or (SNAP).

Another change enacted this  year concerns the type of monetary funds given out to families. All funds will be given out as Langdon bucks. The Langdon bucks are accepted by more than 40 businesses in Cavalier County and Langdon.

As in the past, the Christmas Cheer Program relies on the support and generosity of the community, businesses, and other organizations.

Without the financial support, provided by the community, social services would not be able to provide for area children and families in need. According to Jill Denault at the Social Services, “The program would not survive if it were not the for the support and contributions of the county and city residents.”

If you wish to apply for assistance with the Christmas Cheer program or the SNAP program, please come by the Cavalier County Social Services or call to complete an application. Please call (701) 256-2175.

If you wish to donate to Christmas Cheer, all donations can be dropped off at the Cavalier County Social Service Office, 324 7th Avenue, Langdon, ND or mailed to PO Box 630 Langdon, ND 58249.

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