Langdon City Commission meeting held

The Langdon City Council began their meeting with department reports.

Posted 11/16/17

By  Lisa Nowatzki

The city supervisor had a short report. The city has doubled salt content and cut down on sand which allows the completion of one town run with one load. After discussion about the new sand truck and plow, discussion moved on to the water and sewer department. Two hydrants were replaced and the booster station has been bypassed for the year. The plant is running well.

The sanitation department reports going to their winter schedule in November out at the transfer station. RTS cement crusher has been on site for about two weeks doing prep work. The next three weeks the plant will work long hours to finish this project before the winter.


The Activity Center reported that volleyball practice ended and basketball practice began. The last wedding reception of the season was planned for this Saturday.

The Auditor reports that Governor Burgum will arrive in Langdon on Monday, November 20 around 3 p.m.

The commissioners began with unfinished business with the water supply improvements. Many of the new water lines are nearing completion and will need flushing. Freezing water is a concern. All the water used to flush the lines is not billed to the city and county. The Nekoma reservoir is up and running, and the pump house is 95 percent complete. The commission agreed that the projected budget is looking good for contracts one and two.

In new business, a concerned citizen asked that snow not be dumped near his basement on a vacant lot but on the other side of the lot. The city supervisor agreed to unload the snow in a different place in the lot in order to not flood his basement. Fireworks and building permits were approved. City bills were accepted and approved then the meeting was adjourned.

Was there anything from the police??? It was in the same line as Activity Center but nothing reported. I would probably separate the two, anyway.

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