2017 Year in Review: April through June

The months of April through June in Cavalier County hosted a wide variety of stories for readers to enjoy.

Posted 1/4/18


April– The historic Brickmine Bridge began its process of restoration thanks to the North Dakota State Historical Society and the North Dakota Department of Transportation. National “Donate Life” month had a local impact as Langdon native Jolene Everson was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease making a kidney transplant a necessary surgery.

North Dakota State University Extension program reported that across the state of North Dakota cropland values were flat to down. The Pembina Gorge Foundation was finalizing the purchase of the Frost Fire resort. The Dakota Spirit Arena hosted a free sled hockey clinic following up on the benefit that was held for Tucker Olson.

May – As the weather became nicer, the North Dakota Parks and Recreation improved the trails at the Pembina Gorge State Recreation Area along with several other improvements that were made to the Gorge area.

Big news from Cavalier County Memorial Hospital was the addition of a Saturday walk-in clinic. One year after the start of the Cavalier County Job Development Authorities  grant program to help new and existing daycares, the program showed significant promise in creating and continuing child care services in the county.

Northeast Regional Water District and the City of Langdon  kept in touch and updated each other on the progress of the water improvement project that had been approved by the city voters in the June primary of 2016.

Dustin Wagner and Michelle Chock began teaching Shotokan Karate at the Langdon Activity Center. The two teachers had two students who both moved up two spots from the preliminary 10th or white starting belt to the 8th or yellow belt.

Following the passage of state legislation meant to create permanent and sustainable property tax relief, the Cavalier County Social Services was no longer funded by the county but instead began receiving its funding directly from the state based on their case load.  The legislation was passed as a two year pilot program.

June – The biggest event of June turned out to be a costly one as a massive storm blew through the county causing havoc to those in its path. The storm, which occurred on the evening of Friday, June 9, 2017,  produced three tornados that made their way from the northwest corner of the county down to the southeast corner. The storm missed the heavily populated area of Langdon but struck those living east and southeast of the city.

Also causing havoc was the 2017 Langdon Area School District Board election as the absentee ballots had to be printed three times due to clerical error in regards to how many rural-at-large seats were up for election.

The Vanguard residential and commercial property assessment was close to beginning, but many in the county still had questions for the reasoning behind the effort. This topic was addressed numerous times leading up to the start date for the assessment.

Cavalier County Memorial Hospital(CCMH) began taking part in University of North Dakota’s Rural Surgery Support, which allows for surgery consultations and some outpatient surgeries to be performed right at CCMH.

Former Cavalier County native Captain Briana Fisk began a three year assignment instructing the cadets at the United States Military Academy, more commonly known as West Point.

Emmanuel Evangelical Church was very excited for their second community fireworks show which included a lot of great family-friendly activities for the people of Langdon to enjoy and celebrate the Fourth of July.

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