A Super’s Take on Education

The school year is now half done, and this is the time of year that I generally reflect on what has happened since school started, what we need to continue to work on or what new goals we need to set. It has been a busy year. We have had a focus on writing across the curriculum in both the high school and elementary. I feel confident in saying that we are better writers now than we were when we came in this fall.

By Daren Christianson
Langdon Area School

We will continue to work on our writing skills and are now starting to look at our expectations in math. We have a committee of teachers meeting and working at agreeing upon certain non-negotiable benchmarks for kids. In January we used our professional development day as an opportunity to either brush up on or learn the skills associated with a philosophy called Love and Logic. Love and Logic promotes helping children learn to problem solve and take responsibility in their lives. Mr. Jim Fay is the founder and promoter of this philosophy.

A Perfect World For Resilient Kids By Jim Fay

Do you know people who are trying to create a perfect environment for their children? Are they more concerned about getting the world to adjust to their kids than they are about helping their kids learn to cope with and deal with the world as it exists today?

In spite of the efforts of many to create a perfect country where no one will ever be offended, where bad decisions will have limited consequences, where good outcomes are guaranteed regardless of effort and sacrifice, and where kids never have less than the neighbors’ kids, our kids are still living in a world that requires effort and resilience.

Our love for our kids tempts us to do all we can to make their childhood better than ours. It tempts us to try to eliminate disappointment, struggle, and inconvenience from their lives. Each day we need to remind ourselves: Whose needs are being met when we attempt to guarantee that our kids are never disappointed, never get less than an “A” grade, never have to struggle, never take risks, never fail, and never have less than the neighbor kid?

Is it my job to make the world adjust to my kids, or is my job to help my kids develop resilience so that they can fit into a world they’re going to face? Trying to create perfect environments for our children is about as successful as creating perfect children. In my eyes, to think otherwise is a delusion.

As I continue to review, I am glad to report that most of our students in grades 9-12 attended a defensive driving course called Alive at 25, and the remainder will complete the course in February. We organized and hosted a presentation for the area students and community members on the Opiate Crisis bringing experts to town to discuss the aspects of how opiates may affect our students and our community. Our students continue to compete and perform at a high level in many things ranging from speech to music to the athletic fields. Come and see what they can do as they represent us all very well.