County Club requests water usage at City Council Meeting

On Tuesday, April 23, the Langdon City Council met for their regularly scheduled meeting. Present at the meeting were all of the city commissioners and three representatives of the Langdon Country Club.

Posted 4/26/18

By Lisa Nowatzki

During the meeting, the commissioners and the Country Club representatives came to a verbal agreement about the usage of Langdon’s old water line that runs from the Mt. Carmel Dam to the city. The Country Club wants to use Langdon’s old water line to water the Country Club greens.

During the discussion, the Country Club agreed to be responsible for any maintenance that the city’s water pump needs. The commissioners and the Country Club representatives agreed on the terms. City Attorney Quentin Wenzel will draw up an agreement for the City and Country Club to sign at a later date.

During the department reports, the stree department reported that the street sweepers will begin cleaning streets next week at the latest. The water department reported a line break at the industrial part that was scheduled for repair on April 24.

The sanitation department reported that the Boyd Square building remains are being cleaned up and hauled away. The police and Activity Center reported that some new equipment has been purchased with public donations. Shannon Duerr from the Job Development Authority asked for and received $2000 for Langdon’s annual Music Fest.

Moore Engineering asked the Commission to approve the change to the bid from Quam Construction. Quam had to raise their materials price because the City water and sewer project costed more than anticipated, therefore, the city could not afford to repair as much of the streets as originally intended.

Next, the commissioners adjourned the regular meeting and began the City Tax Equalization hearings. Present was Langdon City Assessor Jerry Ratzlaff. Five Langdon property owners presented their cases before the Commission asking for various errors to be fixed.

Before and during the meeting, Ratzlaff took notes but could not and did not recommend that the commissioners vote on any changes. Ratzlaff stated that he was not comfortable making any decisions on changes because he received the Vanguard information a few days prior and did not have time to review all of the information.

Ratzlaff did state that he would take all of the concerns and all of his notes to the County Tax Equalization meeting and present the information at the County Equalization meeting.

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