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The activities keep rolling in the month of May

Posted 05-04-2018

By Jake Kulland
We start this week by telling you once again that spring activities keep going at break neck speed in the last month of the school year. Things are beginning to get caught up for area track, baseball and golf but that certainly doesn’t mean things are at a standstill. We are less than two weeks away from Regional Track Meets to get underway, as they are planned for May 18 in Larimore. We will try and get a count of Cardinals tracksters that have already qualified for the State Track Meet in next weeks paper. The Langdon-Edmore-Munich baseball team continues a nice home stand this week, hosting St. Thomas-Drayton-Valley-Edinburg on May 7, and Pembina County North in what will be there final regular season home game (Already?) on May 10. They are also playing in an Enderlin Wood Bat Tourney on May 11-12. And golf is also getting down to its final two weeks of the season, which we will talk more about in a moment. We hope everyone has a great last couple of weeks for all of these activities.
The story of a 21 run inning
In the Cardinals recent home stand, they played Midway-Minto at American Legion Field on April 30. In that game, the Mustangs were missing four of their starters, who were at a golf meet at Kings Walk in Grand Forks. So, Midway-Minto had some inexperienced players in the lineup against Langdon-Edmore-Munich, who was running on all cylinders. The wind that day was near 30 miles an hour, blowing from left to right. There were no “Angels in the Outfield” helping on this day, as every fly ball was an adventure. The Cardinals came up in the bottom of the first inning, and practically every fly ball to right field, were the youngest Midway-Minto players were, and again right where the wind was blowing. Well, that resulted in the Cardinals sending 27 batters of the plate in the first, and scoring 21 runs on 18 hits. The Cards did all the right things of not trying to send runners home, and doing their best not let things get too embarrassing, but the hits just kept on coming. Popups, bloopers and well hit balls all were falling in. I believe 21 runs in the most I’ve ever broadcast in one half inning, which took just short of 40 minutes to complete. But I am now officially old, and I do remember a Munich game from back in the day when the Magicians beat Dunseith something like 35-0, but that was over three innings. In was an interesting game to say the least, and a windchill of well below freezing didn’t help matters at all. Thank goodness there is beautiful forecast for the rest of spring season.
Girls golf comes to the Langdon Country Club this week
The Langdon boys golf team held a meet at the Langdon Country Club on May 3, and this week it’s the girls turn. A girls meet featuring teams from across Northeast North Dakota will be held at the course on May 10, starting at 11:00 a.m. Both the girls and boys teams have been doing very well so far this year, and we wish them both good luck in continuing their success and trying to get to state. Also one other item of Langdon Country Club news this week, and that’s that signup is continuing for Tuesday Men’s League Golf, for both the 3:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. shifts. To get your 2-Man team on board, please call or text league secretary Randy Hill at 701-370-1118. The league starts May 22, so call Randy soon to make sure you are in for the season.
Could be an interesting week in Cavalier County
Many of you I’m sure have heard the rumors that something big and very exciting is coming to Cavalier County. There’s no sense in trying to explain what it is in this space here, as no one outside of a chosen phone few know exactly what it is (And they sure know how to keep a secret!). It’s been tough for everyone waiting to hear the good news while the process goes through. All we have been told is that everyone should be very excited and that things will be getting busy in our area before long. Let’s all hope for the best.
Good luck to all with Springs Work, and “See ya!” next week!

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