Memorial Day opening planned for the Milton Litte Star Theatre

One of the main staples of Milton is the Little Star Theater (LST), located at 205 Oakland Avenue. Last summer, members that serve on the LST board found some areas that needed some attention in the building. After a contractor looked at the building, he made recommendations and the board gave him the go-ahead to complete the repairs.

Posted 5/17/18

By Lisa Nowatzki

According to Carla Gemmill, LST board member for the past three years, the main repairs are focused on the roof of the theatre.

Besides the roof repairs, the contractor replaced the entrance doors and a few other cosmetic repairs to “freshen things up.” The total repair costs come to a little less than $13,000.

Gemmill explained, “Our goal was to have everything done and ready to go for the Memorial Day service that is held in the theatre, and it looks like we will meet that deadline.”

This year on Memorial Day, the LST will hold its annual Memorial Day service put on by the Eagleson-Meling American Legion Post 179 in Milton. The production honors military veterans from the Milton area.

“It truly is a moving service, and they do a wonderful job showing appreciation for the sacrifices that our local veterans made to serve our country.”

The next event to be regularly held at the LST is the Missoula Children’s Theater, which is an annual event put on by the Children’s Theatre. For this year’s production, auditions will be held on June 18 at 10 a.m. with performances on June 22 at 7 p. m. and June 23 at 3 p. m. As always, the admission price is $3. According to Gemmill, the theater is inflation-free.

The original LST building was built in 1916 and originally called the “Star Theater.” The theater became a popular destination and local attraction when sound equipment was installed in 1931, for “talkies.”

Through the years, some of the movies shown included Elvis and John Wayne movies and the musical “The Sound of Music.” The last movie presented at the LST was on November 3, 1974. After that, the theater has presented community and school plays and other performances.

Gemmill said, “Each year we send fundraising letters to local businesses to help with the cost of bringing Missoula Children’s Theatre to town, as it’s quite spendy, and we want to continue to provide this experience free of charge to our youth, so that everyone can participate if they want to.”

Gemmill also said that the community support is overwhelming and went on to list some of the LST’s most generous sponsors. The Langdon Eagles Club was “especially generous,” as was Farmers and Merchant Bank, the Milton Fire Department, and Choice Financial Group.

Other generous sponsors were Horizon Financial, the Osnabrock Farmers Co-Op Elevator, CHS of Milton, TR Waind, United Communications, Mostad Insurance, and Pamela Kendall of Milton.

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