Becoming Your Best You

I get asked often if you should be considering working out when you go on vacation? There are two schools of thought on this, and both can be productive. If you are someone who hits the gym pretty hard and sticks to your routine regularly, then sometimes just taking a short break from your workouts may be just the thing you need. Taking a few days off can be revitalizing physically and mentally and helps you look forward to getting back to the gym, class or running program when you return. It can recharge your batteries!

Posted 5/31/18

By Chris Walsh

For others the thought of leaving their exercise routine behind brings anxieties of weight gain or loss of consistency, and they just want to be active on a trip. Working out on your vacation and squeezing some productive and refreshing fitness into a summer weekend getaway is an art, especially if you are traveling with a group of family or friends. There is a fine line between enjoying yourself and maintaining your routine and getting on your “vacation vibes”. Even if you’re the person who likes to sweat every day, you don’t want to make the rest of the group feel lazy or pressured to do the same. For some, vacation is truly the only time they have to chill and relax, so you want to respect others in your efforts to be active. It’s not too difficult to tactfully and effectively workout during your trip; wake up early, have all your stuff ready to put on, sneak out quietly and go do your thing before the others get moving. It does feel good to move some so you don’t have to worry if you indulge in a vacation “treat”.

By working out on vacation, you’ll arrive back home not too far removed from the usual routine, and your goals are still on track. You can adapt your routine to whatever your environment is. If the place you are staying at has a gym, that’s great, do that.  Maybe the hotel has a pool and you can swim some laps and enjoy a different kind of workout. If the town has a gym you can get to reasonably, then buy a day pass and get it out of the way before anyone knows you are gone. If your surroundings provide a nature trail or a wonderful sand beach, then nature can provide the workout. Go enjoy nature!!

If the group you are with is up for an activity, then it’s fun to play together. Maybe the resort offers a volleyball game or group classes or there are sometimes excursions that you can do together.  Taking an evening walk after a meal can be fun, exploring your surroundings. This is good bonding time when you find activities to do as a group.

Whatever you decide to do, just know that taking a few days off is not always a bad thing, and enjoying your vacation is the ultimate goal. Do what makes you happy and helps you become the BEST version of YOU.

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