June Primary 2018 election results are in

The June Primary ballot had many candidates up for election to various posts within the City of Langdon, Cavalier County, and state and federal levels of government. There were also two notable measures on the ballot for residents to voice their input on decisions regarding the Langdon sales tax increase and an increase in the Emergency Medical Services levy.

Posted 6/14/18

By Lisa Nowatzki

There were a total of 1080 votes cast in Cavalier County with 760 of those votes coming in by mail.

The Langdon City Commission President contest received a total of 106 write-in votes with Marty Tetrault receiving 13, Chuck Downs receiving 15, Jerry Nowatzki receiving 43, and Lawrence Henry receiving 8. The Langdon City Commission contest saw a total of 808 votes cast with Cody Schlittenhard receiving 381 and James Rademacher getting 304 with 17 write-in votes cast.

The Langdon Park Board had two open positions. Dawn Christianson received the most votes with 363 followed by Tom Beauchamp with 322. There were five write-ins.

The Langdon Sales and Use Tax received 454 total votes- 344 in favor and 110 voting against it. The measure passed with 75 percent in favor.

At the county level, for the County Commissioner 2-year Unexpired term, the two candidates with the most votes were Greg Goodman, who received 380 votes, and Cregg Stein who came in second with 373 votes. These candidates will be officially on the general election ballot in November.

For the County Commissioner 4-year term, the six candidates with the most votes were Stanley Dick – 631 votes, Nick Moser – 539 votes, Austin Lafrenz – 459 votes, Elsie Magnus – 457 votes, F. Kenneth Olafson – 250 votes, and Shauna Schneider – 150 votes. These candidates will be officially on the general election ballot in November.

In the County State’s Attorney race, Scott Stewart received 632 votes, and Cassey A. Breyer received 408 votes. These candidates will be officially on the general election ballot in November.

Six offices ran unopposed and will appear on the November ballot. They are County Auditor – Lisa Gellner received 794 votes with five write-ins; Vicki Kubat for County Recorder with 901 votes and two write-in votes; Cynthia Stremick – 863 votes and three write-in votes for County Treasurer; Greg Fetsch – 907 votes and six write-in votes for County Sheriff; and the Cavalier County Republican received 863 votes for the official County Newspaper. These candidates will be officially on the general election ballot in November.

The county measure for the Emergency Medical Service levy was passed receiving 696 yes votes and  311 votes against. The measure passed with 69 percent in favor.

Voter turnout at the state level had 114,340 voters casting ballots. That translates to roughly 19 percent of those able to vote turning in a ballot for the June Primary.

For the United States Senator race, on the Republican side, 69,541 votes were casts. Kevin Cramer received 60,998 votes beating Thomas O’Neill with 88 percent of the vote. On the Democratic side, Heidi Heitkamp ran unopposed receiving 36,533 votes.

The North Dakota Congressional race on the Republican side saw Kelly Armstrong trouncing his closest competitor winning 37,054 votes which equal 56 percent of the 65,901 votes cast. On the Democratic side, Mac Schneider ran opposed receiving 36,545 votes.

Republican and Democratic candidates for the Secretary of State were Will Gardner with 54,106 votes and Dem. Josh Boschee winning 32,856 votes. Libertarian Roland Riemers will also be on the November ballot for Secretary of State. He received 246 votes.

For the Attorney General, both the GOP and Dem. candidates ran unopposed. Wayne Stenehjem received 63,296 votes, and Dem. David Clark Thompson received 32,046 votes.

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