Dear Editor:

We have an enemy amongst us. You can’t see it, taste it or smell it. RADON! It could be all round you and you would never know! Radon is a colorless, radioactive, inert gas element formed by radioactive decay from the earth’s center. This gas builds up inside your home and is the second cause of lung cancer. It can be in new homes along with old homes. It enters the home through cracks in the walls, foundations, basement floors and other openings. It may also contaminate the water supply to private wells.
Radon is present in every state in the USA with northern states having higher levels.
Our family wants to make eveyone aware of this danger!
Testing a home is inexpensive and easy. Test kits may be ordered throught the mail or at hardware stores. You many also check with the ND Department of Health at 701-328-2372.
Radon mitigation has taken place in our home for the future. Radon has taken someone very special to our family, and we are hoping no one else has to suffer from this!
Please test your home for your grandchildren!
Nancy Kram