Cavalier County Commissioners hold a very informative meeting

Tuesday, August 8, the Cavalier County Commissioners met for an informative session. On everyone’s mind is the proposed funding legislation for infrastructure from ND’s non-oil producing counties.

Posted 8/9/18

By Lisa Nowatzki

After some discussion about where the monies would be most needed, all the commissioners agreed that the proposed funding would help update roads and bridges that the county and townships maintain.

Commissioner Stanley Dick told the other commissioners that the State Tax Board had directed Cavalier County to reduce property taxes by five percent because the county is at the 105% threshold.

Currently, Lisa Gellner’s hands are tied. Nothing can be done until after the State Tax Abatement meeting on Tuesday, August 14.

To correct the last County commissioner’s report about the August 10 tax estimates: all taxing entities must have a budget into the County Auditor’s Office by August 10. The actual estimates are scheduled to go out to the public at the end of August or the first week in September.

Congratulations to Steph Bata, she was awarded the job as new tax director of Cavalier County.

The commissioners also met with several members from the Alma Township. The producers believe that one bridge they have to cross with farm equipment is unsafe and needs replacing.

After some discussion with Terry Johnston, the Road Supervisor, the commissioners decided to get the recommended hydrology report and then proceed with the recommended repair or replacement.

Jill Denault from Social Services came in and discussed raises for her group. She felt like her employees deserved a raise because they work a 40 hour week compared to other county entities who only work 35 or 36 hours a week.

Commissioner Nick Moser wanted to help and asked Denault several times for an hourly rate breakdown of the Social Services employees so that he could see if the employees were overworked and underpaid. Denault only gave the commission salary totals for the whole group.

Denault said that she did not think the commissioners needed that type of information. Her refusal to provide the requested breakdown left the commissioners with no option but to go with the recommended zero raises for everyone.