Dear Editor:

The generosity of Cavalier County people was overwhelmingly obvious at the Mike Muhs fundraiser last week. When you think of it, the business people of our county must feel at times like their front door could be used as a fan from people like me coming in with a handful of gimmee and a mouth full of much obliged seeking donations for numerous, wonderful things.

This is evident by reading the signs at the hockey arena or the placards at the baseball field or the thank you list from the Day Care Gala. As I look, however, I do not see Amazon.com or Wal-Mart. Just thinking.

Can you imagine how many North Dakota hungry could be fed and homeless be sheltered with the amount of money being spent on Heitkamp/Cramer television commercials? Ands it is only August.

Must be a high paying job. Just thinking.

Don Haugen, Langdon