Langdon City Commissioners meet to discuss full agenda

The Langdon City Commission met on August 13 with a full agenda. All city departments reported that they were running well without any significant issues.

posted 8/16/18

By Lisa Nowatzki

Under unfinished business, Commissioner Marty Tetrault reported that Langdon’s insurance adjuster that had looked at all the driveways of residents that reported damage had reached a conclusion.

The adjuster sent letters to all the concerned parties stating that he did not find that the city had any liability relating to the driveway damage. As far as he was concerned and the city is concerned, the matter is closed.

Andrew Aakre of Moore Engineering gave an update on the city streets and sewer project. The Commission voted to pay the final payment of $28,091.24 to Johnson Jet-Line for the televised inspection of the underground sewer and wastewater system.

The construction crews are working long hours. They have installed casing pipe under the railroad and are working on the subgrade portion of 12th Avenue. The underground part of 12th Avenue is nearly complete.

Aakre also discussed the closing costs for the lime sludge pond. On initial review, the project may cost upwards of $80,000. The commissioners wanted to proceed with the project. They asked Aakre to take the next step to continue on with closing and filling in the ponds.

The commissioners also voted to pay Quam Construction $445,756.26. Aakre also reported that he is still waiting on hearing from the USDA about project funding for the Phase 2 Sewer, Water, and Storm Water Improvements. He expected to hear back about the funding by the end of the current week.

Langdon Area School Superintendent Daren Christianson spoke to the commissioners about a possibility of using part of the south playground to expand the school, specifically a physical education building.

The other option proposed to the commissioners was to close the road north of the elementary and expand a physical education building on the north side. Christianson asked the commissioners if they would consider closing the north road.

After approving the Langdon Chamber of Commerce’s request for annual funds for $2850 and approving building permits and one catering permit, the commissioners approved the bills and adjourned.