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Munich Public School welcomes Bubach

The Munich School District will start off the new school year with a new Superintendent and High School Principal. Robert Bubach will begin his 30th year as an educator when the school doors open this year.

Posted 8/16/18

By Lisa Nowatzki


He is married to Christine Bubach, and the couple has two daughters: Morgan Aadland, who works as a veterinarian technician in Rugby, and Courtney, who is a senior at Valley City State. Bubach also has two dogs and a cat.

When not at work, Bubach enjoys golfing and downhill snow skiing in addition to being an avid Minnesota Vikings fan.

Bubach is originally from Maddock, where he graduated in 1983.  He spent the majority of his educational career in Lisbon, North Dakota where he taught and coached for 21 years.

The new superintendent graduated from Minot State University in 1988. After he received his Master’s Degree in General Pedagogy from NDSU in 1995, he began his administrative career in 2010 as the high school principal and teacher in Strasburg, North Dakota.  Afterward, he moved to Leeds, North Dakota where he served as high school principal and superintendent, then on to Munich.

When asked what he liked most about being principal/superintendent, Bubach replied, “Serving as high school principal, I feel I can influence more than just the students that I would teach in my classroom, but as a principal, through discussion with the teaching staff, I can influence all students at the high school level.”

For some of the new educators out there, Bubach tells them, “Do not get in a hurry to enter administration. I immensely enjoyed my time in the classroom. Hold onto that as long as you can or want to.”

For some advice that may help other educators, Bubach said, “Either be part of the solution or you are part of the problem. There are immense challenges facing education, and it is easy to look for the simple answers. Sadly, in education, there are very few simple answers. All educators need to remember that we are here for the students, and sometimes that means making hard choices.  We, as educators, need to be ready to make those choices.”

Bubach is excited about the new trend in the field of education to create more collaboration among teachers. He believes that this represents a challenge in terms of scheduling the day so collaboration can take place.

Some of Bubach’s unique qualifications include his lengthy years on the job and the variety of subjects he has taught at the high school level. He has taught all the Social Studies classes.  In addition, he has taught Physical Science, Chemistry, and Physics. He also taught Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Physical Education at levels 7-12. With a such a wide variety of teaching experiences, Bubach believes that he can give advice and support to teachers in a wide range of subject areas.

As citizens of Cavalier County Bubach believes that they will find that he is an administrator who attempts to exercise common sense in the area of education.  Bubach goes on to say, “The citizens will also find out that I will make every effort possible to provide an excellent education for the students in Munich as well as a good working relationship with area schools.”

One final interesting note, Bubach is a veteran with over 24 years of service in the National Guard, and he served one year in Operation Iraqi Freedom (II) during 2004.