Becoming Your Best You

The side effects of the body and mind on exercise are really quite amazing and one you may want to consider exploring. I never tire, as a fitness professional, of talking about and living the benefits of being fit!

Posted 8/23/18

By Chris Walsh

• Exercise pumps up your productivity. This is your manager’s dream come true. Cubicle workers say they feel more productive and energized during their work days when they can go for a walk, get outside or hit the gym at noon. If your boss gives you time to take a break, consider using it to move.

• Exercise curbs cravings and addictions. We all know that a runner’s high is caused by the release of dopamine into the body, and this is a good thing. Habitual smokers studies show that even short amounts of physical activity can help break cravings.

• Exercise improves the memory. Are you having trouble remembering appointments or names? Time to lace up those sneakers and get going! Staying active is a huge help for age-related mind decay. Exercise helps improve cognitive function as we get older.

• Exercise lessens anxiety. When we release tension in the muscles, it affects the mind as well. They work together. Taking a yoga or meditation class can make a big difference in our MIND/BODY connection. Learning to breathe helps us relax and slow down. There is even stress relief in lifting weights, doing a treadmill workout, bicycling and going for a brisk walk. I always say, “Exercise is like taking a happy pill”.

•Exercise increases your self esteem. When we engage in physical activities, it has a positive effect on our outlook, our sense of self worth. We feel better when we move!

•Exercise cranks up your creativity levels. Thinking outside the box may be as easy as stepping outside your cubicle or getting out of the house. People who exercise regularly can create positive and creative thinking patterns. If you are stuck with a task or problem, take a stroll during your lunch break and see what happens. It might be just the thing you need.

The benefits of exercise are endless, and my goal is to reach as many people as I can to spread the word….our bodies need to move. Take a step in the right direction to becoming the BEST version of YOU!