OCLC hires new Director of Nursing

The Osnabrock Community Living Center (OCLC) has a new Registered Nurse (RN) and  Director of Nursing, Carly Enger. The community of Osnabrock and Cavalier County need trained healthcare professionals, and Enger fits the bill.

Posted 8/23/18

By Lisa Nowatzki

Enger graduated from Lake Region State College with an associate nursing degree. Strong family values and a healthy respect for healthcare-related jobs instilled in Enger the desire to help people.

“I have been surrounded by this environment my whole life,” Enger said.

Growing up, she volunteered in her hometown nursing home. In 2011, she started working in long-term care as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). She then worked her way up from a CNA to a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) to an RN.

Enger completed her degree while going to school and working at Valley Eldercare in Grand Forks. Since receiving her RN, Enger has attended other workshops and in-services geared towards the field of nursing as a whole.

Adding to her experience, Enger completed Eden training with her previous job. According to the Eden website, Eden is an international, non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to creating quality of life for elders and their care partners, wherever they may live.

Enger explained what Eden training means to her, “The philosophy of this training focuses on resident-centered care and helps to reframe the culture of care and perceptions of aging in society. The elderly have so much to offer and many experiences to share; this training helped emphasize this importance.“

With more than seven years of experience working in a long-term care setting, Enger values the elderly and all that they have to offer. She feels that she is empathetic and tries to see every issue from their point of view without making comments or judgments. She stresses that she pays attention to detail and does not overlook even the smallest detail.

When asked what she liked most about her job, she replied, “Interacting with the residents and their families. They teach you so much about life because they’ve seen it all. Being able to help someone when they are unable to help themselves is a humbling experience, and I’m grateful to be a part of that.”

She also has some advice for others who want to enter the healthcare field. “Caring for others can be trying at times: mentally, physically, and emotionally. You may feel like giving up often, but I can assure you that if you persevere, it will be worth it. You will find patience you never knew you had and strength you didn’t know you were capable of. Most importantly, you will never find a job more rewarding. You will never stop learning, and there’s beauty in that.”

Telehealth excites Enger. She believes that telemedicine would be very beneficial and that it is a great resource for rural facilities to have, and those that utilize it are very fortunate. “Utilizing a system like this allows a physician to see and interact with a resident or patient from virtually anywhere a connection is available, taking away the long commutes to and from appointments.”

Cavalier County residents gain many benefits by having Enger work in the community. She said, “I thoroughly enjoy what I do. I enjoy the relationships I make and am thankful I have the opportunity to do so. I take the time to get to know each resident and insure all of their needs are met, and they are well taken care of. It’s important that they are the director of their care and involved in the process.”

Enger grew up in Northwood and moved to Langdon from Grand Forks in June 2018. Enger moved here with her boyfriend, local resident Tim Downs, and a seven-month-old chocolate lab named Gunner who keeps them on their toes.

“Small town life is something I was looking forward to again. We bought a big, white farmhouse outside of town (my dream), “ Enger said.

Enger would like everyone to know that she is excited to be in the area and that being away from her family and friends has been a new experience. She also thinks that everyone she has met has been so kind and welcoming. She is pleased to be a part of this community.

She also thinks that OCLC is a great place to be, and she’s very happy to work there. She feels that the environment is homey and inviting, something other facilities don’t always have. The residents are all happy to be here which makes it easy for her to come to work each day.