Choice Financial introducing a Wishing Well Program

Choice Financial is getting into the holiday spirit a little early this year as they have created a new program to help communities across the state of North Dakota.  The newly launched Wishing Well Program encourages individuals to identify a need and make a wish through Choice Financial to fulfill that need.

Posted 08/31/2018

By Melissa Anderson

Wishes can be made in local Choice Financial banks or online at Wishes are being accepted now through November 2.

The idea for the Wishing Well Program was inspired by a team building event in which Choice Financial employees were challenged to develop new ways Choice Financial could build upon their core values, including to better the places they live. The Wishing Well Program allows for multiple wishes to be granted across many communities.

“During this team building exercise, we posed the question to 40 separate groups of employees, asking them how they would spend a substantial donation if given the opportunity,” says Tara McFadden, Choice Financial Vice President of Compliance. “One of our teams presented the Wishing Well concept. We felt this concept truly embodied our #PeopleFirst values by granting multiple wishes to individuals, organizations or communities in need.”

At the Langdon location of Choice Financial, current president Todd Borchardt was involved in putting the details of this campaign together. Borchardt is excited about the potential this campaign has to positively impact the area.

“It was designed to be very open-ended on purpose.  One of our core values is simply to better the places we live, so we really didn’t want to put restrictive parameters on this campaign or define what an “acceptable” wish would be,” Borchardt explained.

The only rule when making a wish to put in the well is that the wish is beneficial to the community or beneficial to a member of the community.  Borchardt explained that community can mean more than just  the city of Langdon, as the Langdon branch has a service area that encompasses the entire county, and the Choice Financial Group organization covers a majority of the state at this point.

“Anyone can submit a wish – there’s no restriction on that.  Customers, potential future customers, employees, kids.  We just need the details of the wish, an estimated dollar value cost, and permission to publicly share the story,” Borchardt said.

Wishes will be submitted across all of the Choice Financial branch locations, and the campaign committee will narrow down the submissions to a smaller number which will then be voted on by all of their employees.

“It’s possible that we will select one or two bigger wishes, or we might opt to grant many small or mid-size wishes – it’s all dependent on what kind of response we get and how big the dollar value of the wishes is,” Borchardt explained.

At the local branch, it has already been decided that any suggestions that they feel may be beneficial down the road will be kept for possible future reference.

Depending on the input from communities in making the campaign successful, it could be continued in 2019. For right now, there is no set plan on how much and how far Choice Financial will go to make a really great wish come true.

“I would encourage people to submit a wish of any size, big or small. From $5 to $10,000 or $20,000 or more,” Borchardt stated.

Have the perfect wish to put in the well? Wishing well tokens can be picked up and filled out at Choice Financial, or for more convenience there are other locations at Leevers Foods, Langdon Community Drug, or the Cavalier County Memorial Hospital. You just need to fill out the information on the coin and drop it in the well at the bank!

“It will be fun to see what kind of submissions we get over the next couple of months and tie it all together with the holidays and the season of giving,” Borchardt shared.

This is one of many great ways that Choice Financial is working to show appreciation to their customers and communities that support them year-round.