City Commission has a short meeting

On Monday, August 27 the Langdon City Commission met for a short meeting. The department reports were light.

Posted 08/31/2018

By Lisa Nowatzki

The Water and Sewer Department reported that two new pumps for the lift station were ordered because the current ones are 30 years old and needed replacing because new parts are extremely difficult to get. The Activity Center will change hours. The new times will start next week, Monday thru Friday, 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. with no weekends until October.

Andrew Aakre of Moore Engineering presented a plan for the lime sludge pond closure to the Commission. The Health Department has approved the plan for closure. Aaker was granted permission to proceed with getting three bids. Mickelson and Wentzel, two local contractors and Quam Construction will be asked to present a bid for the closure of the pond project.

Small updates were also discussed. Curb and gutters are on 12th Avenue, but no asphalt is down yet. The sidewalk project that did not get any bids is stalled at the moment. The Commission discussed the need to address dilapidated and run-down houses in the city, especially houses that are not lived in. Discuss was held concerning what options are available to the Commission in dealing with property owners that refuse to comply with the city ordinance regarding dangerous houses and property.

The commissioners voted to approve the first reading of the amended sales tax ordinance. The commissioners also voted to approve the Renaissance zone application and approve the building permits. They then reviewed and paid the bills.