Jake’s Take on Sports

Labor Day Weekend is here
We start this week by wishing everyone a great a safe Labor Day weekend.

Posted 08/31/2018

By Jake Kulland

The weather looks decent for getting out an enjoying Mount Carmel Dam or wherever your spot to relax may be.  Rain finally came to our area the weekend of Aug. 25, and more possibly could come, but almost everyone thinks the rain was very needed and it should be beneficial down the road.  Again we hope you enjoy the long weekend, and things will really get going in the first week of September.

Early injuries spoil the early season
One thing anyone related to sports will tell you is unfortunately injuries happen, and for Langdon-Edmore-Munich volleyball and Cavalier football they already have.  The Lady Cards volleyball team had one of their main players go down, as junior Calyn Crockett suffered a torn ACL injury in the Northern Cass Volleyball Tournament championship match versus Northern Cass.  Meanwhile Tornadoes football junior Tanner Urlaub also had the same injury happen to him in the first quarter of Cavalier’s football game at Thompson.  Both were freak type injuries, and both look like they will be out for the season, which of course is a crusher for both programs.  The best news we can say is that they are both only juniors, so this is not the end of their high school careers.  And both Calyn and Tanner are both hard workers and very dedicated, so there is a hopeful chance they could be back for possibly some late season basketball and spring golf for Calyn, and late season wrestling and spring baseball for Tanner.  Yes, this might be wishful thinking, but anyone who knows me also knows I am a very optimistic person, so we will hope for the best for both kids in their recoveries.

Homecoming week for Cardinals football Sept. 14
People have asked when Homecoming is for the Langdon-Edmore-Munich football team, and Cardinals athletic director Ethen Askvig tells us that is going to be on Sept. 14, when the Cards host Westhope-Newburg-Glenburn.  It’s been a fun start for Cardinals football, as we’ve said before there was a little bit of unknown on what the team would bring this year, and a 45-28 win over Lisbon tells us that the team is looking for another great year, after giving a number of players their “day in the sun” so to speak.  The younger Cardinals have been waiting for the chance to strut their stuff, and they showed a lot of promise in their first game of the season, and it only should get better from there.

“See ya!” next week!