LASD business manager Resigns amid audit and penalty turmoil

The Langdon Area School District (LASD) has had a rough run over the past few years with administrative turn over. Following recent revelations of concerning audit reports for the school district, LASD Business Manager Kensi Breyer has resigned from her position with the district.

Posted 08/31/2018

By Melissa Anderson

What started with penalty notices being discovered by then Assistant Business Manager Shauna Schneider, steamrolled into a much larger issue when other concerns were raised in regards to the findings of the two year audit noted in the Cavalier County Republicans article printed in the August 20, 2018, issue.

The budget/finance committee, composed of Langdon Area School Board President Cindy Stremick and board members Nicole Koons and Chris Olson, met shortly after the August 9 school board meeting with Breyer, Schneider, and LASD Superintendent Daren Christianson to determine a solution for the situation. Following that meeting the committee was going to recommend that Breyer be demoted to assistant business manager with Schneider taking over the business manager position. Leading up to a special meeting on Thursday, August 30, Breyer informed Stremick and Christianson that she had decided to resign instead.

Following the meeting, Stremick and Christianson had the following to say in regards to the resignation.

“She was going to swap with Shauna, but it was her choice, and what made her resign we don’t know,” Stremick said. ”It was Monday or Tuesday we got it (resignation letter).”

The board has not made any determination at this point in pursuing reimbursement or litigation in regards to the situation.

Christianson stated, “We do have a plan for an independent individual to reconcile books which hasn’t been done. Our auditor, who does our annual audit report, has Schneider set up with that so any abnormalities will bring recommendations to the board,” Christianson stated.

Moving forward, the board and Christianson will address issues and concerns raised by annuals audits. Annual audits will be conducted yearly to insure accuracy in the finances.

“The business manager office is a very autonomous position and requires a lot of trust , and there is also an annual audit for this reason because it is autonomous,” Christianson said.

Shauna Schneider was appointed business manager during the August 9 meeting, and Breyer was removed as a school representative from all financial institutions and replaced with Schneider. It was also noted that Stremick had not been listed on the Farmers & Merchants State Bank accounts for the school, and the board approved adding her name to the register.

In Other Business:

The board reviewed the consolidated application for the funding of Title I, II,  and IV which was given by Langdon Area Elementary Principal Todd Hetler. Hetler was also appointed to be the representative for the school. The application and reports were due to be filed with the government on August 31.