LASB appoints Warren Jonasson to School Board

On September 17, the Langdon Area School Board (LASB) met first to go through the budget expenditures and revenues.  School Superintendent Daren Christianson and Business Manager Shauna Schneider opened with a line-by-line overview of the expenditure and revenue sheet.

Posted 9/20/18

By Lisa Nowatzki

Christianson pointed out a three percent increase in teacher salaries and a 6.5 percent increase in insurance costs. Schneider went over all the expenditures and revenues for the month.

While reviewing the budget, Christianson noted that Karen Christianson has been hired to help Schneider with reconciliation of the school accounts. The school has been given an extension of the 2017-2018 final budget until October 1 by the Department of Public Instruction.

Later in the regular school board meeting, Christianson read two statements regarding problems related to the recent financial reports. Christianson, the LASB, and Emil Schoenfish, the school’s auditor agree that no funds are missing or misappropriated.

The board discussed the Annual Compliance Report. Both principals completed the building compliance reports stating that both buildings are in compliance. Finally, the board accepted Cregg Stein’s resignation dated September 3. Dave Hart recommended Warren Jonasson to fill the empty position noting that the school board could use Jonasson’s extensive experience.

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