NLAC brings Visions of Home to Langdon

The Northern Lights Art Council has once again partnered with the North Dakota Museum of Art(NDMOA) through their program called the Rural Arts Initiative to bring an amazing exhibit to our highly rural area.

Posted 10/11/18

By Melissa Anderson

The exhibit, titled Visions of Home, will be open to the public from October 10th to the 18th with viewing taking place between the hours of 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Cavalier County Courthouse. The exhibit will feature a wide range of artists and media for the public’s viewing pleasure.

Some names that will be featured for the public to enjoy include: Jim Dow’s photography, Walter Piehl’s paintings, David Krueger’s paintings, Todd Herbert’s paintings, and Carol Hepper’s sculptures, just to name a few.

“More artists and their work, including videos, prints, crafts, and watercolors, will be there,” Amber Benoit, Executive Director for NLAC, said. “The art is taken from both the NDMOA’s permanent collection and from artists.”

The main mission of the NLAC is to promote the arts and bring opportunities to participate in art-related activities to the people within Cavalier County.

“Art exhibits like this one give both kids and adults an opportunity to view, learn, and appreciate art and at no cost,” Benoit stated.

Benoit is very pleased to be working with the NDMOA.  “They are such a successful organization so it is a great opportunity to work with them and their expertise. They are located in Grand Forks, so it is a chance for us to bring larger art exhibits to our small town,” Benoit shared.

Benoit continued, explaining that this particular exhibit is focused on art of North Dakota. “There is a variety of different types of art, so I think it can really appeal to everyone. There are contemporary and historic pieces, paintings of ND landscapes, photographs of the flood of 1997, and traditional Native American art, just to name a few.”

Benoit and the entire NLAC would like everyone to have the chance to view the exhibit and invites everyone to courthouse to see the art created by fellow North Dakotans.

“There is something everyone can learn from art, young and old and in between,” Benoit said.

For further questions about the exhibit or on the Northern Lights Arts Council, in general, please contact Amber Benoit (701-305-0089).

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