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Re-cycled wind turbine blade on display in Nekoma

On Thursday, October 25 the City of Nekoma received a special delivery. One of the vintage wind turbine blades was donated to the City. Made possible by the repower and upgrade of 93 GE wind turbines from 1.5 MW to 1.62 MW. Replaced with new, longer turbine blades, hub, drive train and an upgraded generator.

The blade display will help recognize Nekoma as the heart of the Langdon Wind Energy development. Will give folks a close up view and feel for the actual composition and enormity (122’ long x 72” dia.) of the blades. When completed, we hope the display will be a unique, attractive and welcoming addition as one enters our City from the north.

The City of Nekoma wishes to acknowledge and thank the following. NextEra Energy-Owner, GE Energy-Supplier, ATS-Trucking, and Wanzek Construction-General Contractor, labor and cranes donation. A special note of appreciation to Steve “Bucky” Bachmeier, Regional Manager, Wanzek Const. for seeing this event to fruition.

Submitted by Paul Liebersbach

Photos by Clint Esckilsen

Posted 11/1/18

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