State essay contest for 5th graders

Thanksgiving will soon be here and what are you thankful for? Fifth grade students throughout the state are encouraged to write up to 100 words on this topic: “Thank a farmer or rancher and tell why you appreciate what he/she produces”.

Topics can be general about all farmers and ranchers or be specific about a certain area. Students could be thankful for the wheat that produces bread, milk from dairy cows, durum for pasta, corn for ethanol or other things made from it, soybeans for cooking oil, beef for nutritious meat plus the many products made from it, pigs for bacon and ham, chickens for eggs and their meat, trees for lumber and paper, employment in many well-paying jobs such as scientists, agronomists, nutritionists, veterinarians, etc.

Write about food, fuel or even fiber. Ideas are endless. Put on your thinking cap and do some research as much of your every day life depends on farmers and ranchers–even if you live in town. This can be a class project or any student can enter individually.

Each entrant will receive a colorful personalized certificate and there will be cash prizes for first, second and third places.

Entries can be hand-written or typed with computer. On the back of your page, write your full name and address, age, and school name. Mail entries to Marlene Kouba, 6160 105th Ave. SW, Regent, ND 58650. Postmark deadline is November 17, 2018.

This contest is sponsored by North Dakota Women Involved in Farm Economics (WIFE), a grassroots organization that promotes profitability in agriculture.