Langdon City Commission takes care of business at recent meeting

The Langdon City Commission held a hour long meeting on Monday, November 26 as they conducted city business.

Posted 11/29/18

By Melissa Anderson

Langdon City Auditor RoxAnne Hoffarth updated the commission on issues that had occurred with the city website. Hoffarth stated that the website has completely crashed and can not be salvaged requiring the city to create a new one. KNDK and UTMA have been contacted and will be working to create a new website for the city’s use as soon as possible. The total cost for this will be around $1,200. The commission approved the expense.

Moore Engineering’s Andrew Aakre was present at the meeting for updates on the phase one completion as well as the process that is underway for getting started on phase two.  Aakre informed the Commission that construction work was finished for the season with the last project being the stabilization of the topsoil to prevent erosion over the winter and spring thaw. The Commission also approved the loan resolution for the temporary loan to allow the permanent loan to get started.

Aakre also went through the necessary paperwork required by USDA Rural Development to begin the financing process for phase two. Aakre informed the Commission on one of the documents that although no special assessment has been needed thus far, the potential is still there, therefore paperwork for it must also be in place with Rural Development.

Commissioner Marty Tetrault addressed Aakre with a question regarding the water improvement project with Northeast Regional Water District. The city had met every construction deadline on their end of the project, and Tetrault was concerned with how much time had passed with NRWD not closing their end of the construction agreement. The concern was with the possibility of increased costs being billed to the city because of the delay.

Aakre was unsure if there would be any additional costs but stated that he would reach out to either NRWD or Advanced Engineering to determine what was causing the delay.

Lance Schill presented a development plan for a property that he has purchased on Langdon’s Main Street. Schill had plans drawn up showing the proposed development and how the development would not only assist with bringing more businesses to main street but also remove buildings that are a potential hazard. The Commission was very receptive of the proposed plans and willing to work with Schill when the time came for the building permit.

The Commission moved on to review the drawings for the proposed renovations to Langdon City Hall. The commission was very happy with the proposed layout with Hoffarth providing only one small change to the entrance of the building. The Commission approved and moved to have the next step of cost estimates for the project drawn up.

In Other Business

The Commission revisited the request from Rendezvous Region for a $1,000 membership to pay for a website promoting tourism in the area. The Commission tabled the request until they had a full commission to decide.

Jason Busse, representing the water department, discussed the purchase of a new pickup for the department to use. The Commission reviewed bids that had been received by the city for the purchase. The Commission approved the purchase of a vehicle leaving final choice of the vehicle to Busse and Commissioner Jim Rademacher.