Moore Engineering – Langdon City Commission hold special meeting

Moore Engineering and the Langdon City Commission held a special meeting for those residents of Langdon that will be most affected by next summer’s construction that will improve and update the city sewer/water system.

Posted 11/29/18

By Melissa Anderson

The streets slated to have work done during the 2019 construction season include from east to west: 11th Avenue starting at 2nd Street and moving west until 8th Street, 12th Avenue from 1st Street to 3rd Street, and 13th Avenue from 1st to 3rd street. Construction from south to north will include: 2nd street from 11th Avenue to 12th Avenue, 3rd street from 11th avenue to 13th Avenue, 5th Street from 11th Avenue to roughly 14th Avenue, and 8th Street from 11th Avenue to roughly 14th Avenue.

The meeting was well attended by community members looking to gain more information on the construction process. Moore Engineering’s Andrew Aakre presented and answered questions during the hour long session.

Aakre explained the main points that will be addressed during the construction, specifically an elimination of a lift station between 5th Street and 14th Avenue to the replacement of a bad sewer line from the high school. The bidding process for the phase will begin in February so that the winning contractor will have as much of the construction season as possible to complete the work. The projected completion date for phase 2 is the end of September 2019.

Aakre explained that the process for phase 2 will be much like phase 1 where the contractor will be limited to working on three city blocks at a time in an effort to not disrupt travel within the city.

Residents on the streets slated for construction can expect to have piping replaced entirely up to their curb stop, which for many falls on the property line. Aakre answered many questions for those in attendance and also gained some valuable insight for some aspects of the project. Residents pointed out that construction on 11th Avenue and 8th Street would need to be completed prior to school starting as those streets are utilized by school staff for parking. Aakre noted those concerns and stated that a deadline for construction completion around the school would be put in place.

Utilities, such as gas lines, were also addressed, and Aakre stated that the contractor would ensure that no lines were damaged. Mail delivery was another concern raised by many at the meeting. Unlike with phase one, quite a few residents did not have mail delivered to boxes on their homes but rather to boxes at the street. This would prove problematic for mail delivery. Aakre stated that he would work with the local post office to find a solution for the issue.