Dear Editor: Langdon Area School Board concerns

I am writing about concerns I have with the Langdon Area School Board. It seems as if they do not have any regard to what the voters want. In June of 2017, there was a school board election held. A record number of voters turned out for that election. One candidate, the incumbent, was not re-elected to his seat on the board.

The person running against him for that seat won by about 2.5 times the votes. The person elected recieved 299 votes, and the incumbent 113. I believe that sent a clear messsage from our school district voters that he was not wanted on the board. Fast forward to more recently, when a school board member stepped down, leaving a vacancy the board appointed the “loser” from the June election to that vacant seat. Really?

They obviously don’t care what we, the voters, want for our schools. If they so blatantly disregard what the voters, who elected them, want, then maybe it’s time for a new board? We may have to show them that in the next school board elections.

Peggy Davis Langdon