Cavalier County Commission swears in new commissioners

The Cavalier County Commission welcomed the two newly elected commissioners, Austin Lafrenz and Greg Goodman, to the Commission table. The first order of business was the reorganization of the road districts. Dave Zeis took over District 1, with Stanley Dick taking District 2, Nick Moser staying with District 3, Lafrenz took District 4 and Goodman handling District 5.

Posted 12/6/18

By Melissa Anderson

The Commission moved to board appointments, meeting with those who applied for the positions. The water board had three candidates with two present for interviews. The Commission appointed Bruce Roder and Bob Blake to the water board.  The board appointed Tim Kingzett to the soils committee. The weed board has one new member, Allen Kingzett, but there are still two positions open. Nancy Feil was reappointed  to the public health board. Diane Hanson and Jeff Mostad were reappointed to the library board. The Commission decided to appoint another commissioner to the library board with Austin Lafrenz taking on that position.

The commissioners reviewed board appointments with Lafrenz taking over the JDA position, Moser sitting on the Planning and Zoning Board, Goodman taking the Airport Authority, Dick was placed on the Ramsey County Housing Board, Moser is on the  Tri-County Domestic Violence and Abuse board, and Zeis took on the Senior Meals and Transit board. Goodman showed interest in the Northern Plains Resource Conservation and Development Board but would like to further review it before making a decision. That appointment will be decided at the next meeting.

The commissioners further discussed the human resources director. The commission favored contacting the Ramsey County Commission and contracting the prospective HR director through them. Cavalier County would contract 6 days per month instead of one day per week. Two commissioners will meet with the Ramsey County Commission at their next meeting to discuss the idea.

Social services redistricting was added to the agenda at the beginning of the meeting to continue that discussion. The Commission moved to form a non-binding resolution to proceed to form a district with Pembina and Walsh counties. Cavalier County Social Services Director Jill Denault was in support of  this proactive approach of districting with the two other counties. Denault also requested that the Commission grant the social services department a 3 percent bonus to utilize the remaining state funding that was not used by the department.  Denault  explained that the 3 percent bonus for the entire staff would amount to a total of $11,600.  Stanley Dick motioned to approve the bonus which was seconded by Austin Lafrenz. The motion came down to a roll call vote with Dick and Lafrenz voting yes, Goodman and Moser voting no. The commission chair, Dave Zies, broke the tie with a no vote.

In Other Business

Cavalier County Auditor Lisa Gellner presented the Vanguard note totaling $166,918.78. The commissioners voted to pay the balance, and the money that is still owed by cities and townships will still be on the books for those needing to pay. By paying off the amount the county will no longer incur interest.

The Commission decided to hold the first meeting of the new year on January 3 at 8:30  a.m. They also decided to continue the practice of holding meetings following a holiday on the regular day but beginning at 1 p.m. instead of 8:30 a.m.