New option for improving canola explored

The Canola Expo had a wide assortment of booths to visit for those in attendance. One booth, in particular, caught the canola growers’ attention- Kugler Company based in Nebraska. This company has grown from its humble beginnings  in 1924 servicing friends and neighbors to stretching across the Midwest and into Canada. The Kugler Company has a wide range of products available for producers to meet their needs, but the most interesting for those who grow soybeans and canola are their high phosphorus, low salt starter fertilizer and slow release  nitrogen called KQ-XRN. Jae Fielding, the representative for the Kugler Company at the expo, gave an informative presentation to finish the expo. Fielding provided a highly informative, science-backed explanation on how the Kugler Company could take canola production to the next level with their products.
Posted 12/6/18
By Melissa Anderson
“Agriculture is science, very complex science. Some marketers of Ag products are in the business of pushing their products for profit but not fairly representing those products to the grower,” Fielding explained. “Kugler has decided in this territory to present facts based on irrefutable science, chemistry, show the resultant data, and encourage the growers to make sound business decisions based on fact, not hype. Our business growth has proven this to be a sound strategy.”
The features of the 100 percent water soluble, high phosphorus, low salt starter is that it can be applied to cooler soils of varying types, can be applied in dry conditions and, most importantly, less product is needed than the  more commonly used products. The starter, Kugler LS924, provides vital nutrients that can be used in furrow with seeds without damaging the seed or equipment.
“High phosphorous will give a faster, healthier emergence. The faster it comes up, the earlier you can harvest it,” Fielding said.
Kugler Company also has great options for foliar feeding. Kugler’s KQ-XRN, their slow release nitrogen, provides plants with not only necessary nutrients at strategic times but can also be used in conjunction as a delivery for  herbicides and fungicides.
“Foliar fertilization is the most effective way to apply micro nutrients or trace elements while supplementing major elements,” Fielding stated. Fielding, who has substantial experience with chemistry as a former chemical engineer, explained that the KQ-XRN has the ability to stay on the leaf for up to six weeks, reducing leaching and volatilization and keeping essential nutrients in place for the optimal growth of the plant. Kugler Company notes that the best time for foliar application often coincides with the spraying of protective chemicals for crops. The slow release nitrogen provides the chemical with more staying power giving the producer more bang for their buck in applying foliar fertilization and preventative/protective chemical.
“Kugler is very competitive in both the slow release nitrogen and the low salt, high ortho phosphate markets vs competitors. Retail pricing for low salt, high ortho phosphate products for canola range between $4.50 to $5.00/gallon. Slow release nitrogen products are a bit higher,” Fielding said.
For more information on the Kugler Company, their products, or for pricing, please contact Jae Fielding at 308-737-9755.