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Lock Down Procedures

There have been some questions on the lockdown procedures utilized at the school and all things associated.

By Daren Christianson
Langdon Area School

Each building principal has the authority to lock down their building when they deem appropriate. When there is a direct threat, it is obvious that a lock down should take place. When situations arise that make our staff or students feel unsecure, we feel it is appropriate to secure our building. When a direct threat is involved, students may be required to stay in their current classroom. When there is an indirect threat or concern, we may secure the doors and continue to have class on schedule. If one building in the district is locked down- both shall be secured.

We feel it is important to notify parents as promptly as possible due to the nature of communication, social media, and wanting parents to hear from us before they hear part of the story from their children who are at school. It is the intent of the administration to get the information out as promptly as possible starting with a notice on Facebook and followed up by PowerSchool contact through the form of text, call, or email. It is the district’s official position to error on the side of keeping all staff and students safe and communicate what we can with our patrons/parents as promptly as possible. IF YOU DID NOT GET COMMUNICATION FROM THE SCHOOL DURING THE RECENT LOCK DOWN, YOUR POWERSCHOOL INFORMATION MAY NOT BE ACCURATE. EACH PARENT CAN GO INTO YOUR CHILD’S POWERSCHOOL ACCOUNT AND UPDATE YOUR INFORMATION OR CONTACT YOUR CHILD’S SCHOOL TO DO SO.

The district is in the process of developing a committee to evaluate all our safety procedures that will be comprised of staff and administration from both buildings along with board representation.

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