Dear Editor:

Within the last few weeks, Governor Burgum released his proposed budget for the biennium and we want to commend him for making Behavioral Heath a priority. Within the budget are important both financillay and symbolically for the citizens of our state.

As the Opioid Crisis continues to spread and Mental Health service continue to be limited, it is imperative we have civis leaders who see the value in Behavioral Health and Substance Use Disorder treatment. For too long, individuals have viewed the Behavioral Health disorders as character flaws, rather then the debilitating diseaes they represent. In order to combat these issues, we need a spotlight greater than ourselves to lift up the issues to the lvel of prominence that is needed to create positive action.

Having prominent figures like the Governor and First Lady highlighting these issues has created greater understanding within the general public of the challenges individuals face with Behavioral Health. Each day our clinicians provide the utmost care for patients who experience both Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders. However the more comfortable we can make patients about reaching out, the more patients we can serve.

Than you Governr and First Lady for lifting these important items up.


Ty Hegland

About ShareHouse:

ShareHouse has served as the Upper Midwest’s leader in Substance Use Disorder (SUD) treatment and Mental Health since 1976. Operating as the largest independent treatment center in North Dakota employs two inpatient facilities with 87 beds, as well as a growing Outpatient and Mental Health Clinics. ShareHouse’s mission is to be the trusted resource for recovery in the tristate region, with a focau on dual-diagnosis patients in need of SUD and Mental Health Service.

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