Langdon City Commission meeting held on Dec. 26 to wrap-up year end

The Langdon City Commission held their last meeting of 2018 on Wednesday, December 26. With heavy snow forecasted in the future, it was only fitting that the major topic discussed was snow removal and hindrance posed by parked vehicles and trailers on city streets.

Posted 12/27/18

By Melissa Anderson

The Commission discussed at length the city ordinance of moving parked vehicles and trailers on city streets so as to not impede the city’s snow removal. Cavalier County Sheriff Greg Fetsch was present to discuss the issue and what his department could and could not do to assist the city in the enforcement.

Fetsch and the Commission agreed that there was a significant difference between someone who uses their vehicle daily and simply parks in the same spot on the street and vehicles that have been left on the street for weeks. Langdon City Auditor RoxAnne Hoffarth volunteered to reach out to other cities to see how their ordinances were written to determine how best to change the City of Langdon’s.

“This is an issue I’m not letting go of,” Commission President Jerry Nowatzki stated.

The issue of residents and businesses pushing snow from their lots into the city streets after they have been cleaned was discussed as well. The city ordinance in place for this carries a fine of up to $500.  Hoffarth will be informing specific residents and business that were brought forward as being offenders.

Another issue relating to city ordinance and enforcement was regarding the accumulation of vehicles around residences. Two individuals were discussed at length, and while certified letters were sent, Langdon City Attorney Quentin Wenzel had not received confirmation of receipt. The next step is for the two individuals to be served letters from the city by the sheriff’s office. Fetsch and Wenzel discussed with the Commission how to best enforce the ordinance should it come to court.

In Other Business

During department updates, City Street Supervisor Jeff Hiller informed the commission of what he had found in regards to placing an engine break sign coming into Langdon on Highway 1 from the south. Hiller stated that the current noise ordnance sign could be replaced with a no engine break sign but that a new sign would not be put up in that area.

Hiller also stated that after speaking with the DOT, the city must submit a official request to the regional office for the blinking stop signs at the intersection of Highway 1 and 5.  From regional office the request would travel to the state level which would then conduct a study to determine if the blinking signs are warranted.

Hoffarth informed the Commission that the new city website is under construction with a final cost of $1,000 and $144 per year for upkeep. The auditor’s office will be trained for general updating of the site, and for anything more the creators will charge an hourly fee for the update to be completed.

Moore Engineering sent updates regarding projects. Hoffarth stated that she had been informed the water project with NRWD would be finalized within the first quarter of 2019.

The Rendezvous Region Tourism Council’s request for $1,000 to be included on their website was discussed. The Cavalier County Job Development Authority already gave  $7,500 plus an additional $2,000 to the project. It was suggested to Hoffarth that the city join with the JDA since funding from the city would be used in that payment. The  Commission agreed.

The commissioners reviewed the notice for bid for parcel #60461. In previous publications, the stipulation that the parcel must be built on within a year had been included in the notice. The Commission approved the notice as previously published.

A big thank you to the Langdon City Street Department for keeping the city streets clear.